Saturday, May 23, 2015

Alleluyah old man!

Sharing funny stuff ... 
Lately... me and my sis Leng are busy cleaning and clearing my stuff at home.
One interesting thing we found was this one.  
I was trying to recall where did the hell i got  this stuff  ...
i think i got this one from a Christmas raffle present of my NAKAMA group ... many decades ago.
We tried to put batteries on it and yeees ... it did work and this stuff is funny!  :D


Actually there is also a female version of this which was indicated in the box label.
If you are lucky to find it ... maybe it cost like vintage already ;-)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Funny moment with Kricel :)

Hello to my bestie! :) 

Fun time with Kricel :) 

Watch out for what song and dance she likes lately !!!  :P

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I found my name!

It was last year in the Philippines that i learned this popular summer campaign of Coca Cola which replaces their iconic logo with popular names.   
My sister told me that they found my name ... 
but unfortunately ... when i was there, i was not able to find it.  

This year ... Japan started the campaign ... 
and i am happy to know that my name is out in the market ...

Share a coke with .... 
Yaaaay....cheers everyone!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We respectfully remember ... Gi-gi and Ba-ba

Today is the death anniversary ceremony of my parents in Japan ...

Okaasan's 1st year and Otoosan's 13th years death anniversary. 

We're blessed to have a bright day today ... 

Many caring thoughts and prayers are with you both today... Gi-gi and Ba-ba xx

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Back to Tokyo!

Since last Saturday ... May 9 ... i am back here in Tokyo again. 
Good chance for my visiting sis and niece to meet the world of Tokyo! 

Tokyo Imperial Palace
 Chiyoda District

 Disney Resort... Tokyo Disneyland

Disney Sea

Our meeting with our old friend Lolit in Ueno
 Strolling in Ueno

Hard Rock Cafe Roppongi

Tokyo Tower scene from Minato, Roppongi 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Blessings pa more!!! ;-)

Happy Boy's Day Japan!!!
Still on holiday!

I was invited to Nissan Shizuoka to their event today...
There was a Bingo event in the afternoon but i came late with my sis Leng and kricel.
Uncle Jo and Dang were there waiting.

We're late but our car agent Ken kun still gave us a chance to play ... and alas ...
I won something -- a collectible item of One Piece!
I actually don't need it but Kricel told me that her brod Emil was collecting it ...
So i gave it to Emil as a present.
Emil phoned through Messenger and was so excited and happy that i will give that collection to him ... You'll have it soon Emil !!! 
We also received some give aways like confectionaries and tons of tissue papers :P

Thanks be to God for the blessings .... and speaking of blessings ...

Good luck to my niece Dang ... 
she did not get anything from Bingo but she bought a Days Roox car ... lol
There's no plan and never expected ... just it happened that very day ^_^

Claim it Dang ... u deserve to have it! 

Looking forward to have a ride!  

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Spring visit to Sylvanian Village

Sylvanian is one of Sachan and my collection since Sachan was a kid. 
We stop collecting it when our home got no space for it to display... 

but still we are a fan of it!   
My sis Emily is also a fan of it ... 
and one of her wish is to visit Sylvanian Village and show it to Kricel.
So today ... we went to Grinpa in Fuji where one of there main attraction is the Sylvanian Village. 

 the beautiful tulip field ... 
 Emily have been here on winter where she and her son Emil enjoyed the snow ...
this time she enjoyed the spring of Grinpa xx

Yaaay ... i want this series!

We went here straight from church service ...
and we did not know it's so cold here today... brrrr
But still we had a good time!

more pics in my FB account  ;-)

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Play time!

It's a beautiful day today ... so my whole family went driving to Fujinomiya up to Mochiya ... 
Then we went to the playground for Kricel sake ... 
As to be expected ... she was super excited ... so with the adults! 

One thing you should not miss in Mochiya is their super yummy mochi or rice cakes

My loving daughter and niece xx

I thought the place is only a playground ... i did not know everyone can camp or picnic here too.
This place is also a dog run ... and can play golf too...

 Here is the energetic kid!

At long last ... Fuji san showed up before we leave

We visited Makaino Ranch too ... 

We are blessed to see Mt. Fuji too

mono pod time!  Yeeey Kricel ... u did great xx


Friday, May 01, 2015

May is here!

May your days be as bright with happy moments as
the flowers of May!

First of May is also a celebration of the workers around the world ... 
So happy labors day everyone!