Thursday, April 30, 2015

Enjoying flowers of spring

It's holiday yesterday ...
We went to Hamamatsu Flower Park ...
Too bad for my sis and Kricel ...  Sakura is over ...
but still they enjoyed other flowers like tulip and wisteria flowers.
What a blessed day!

 Not only flowers ... we also enjoyed the playground :P

Hahah ... feeling model :D


Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature -
gerald de nerval

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Here they are!

Welcome back to my sis Leng in Japan ... and as a promised trip to my dear niece Kricel and this is her first travel here ... welcome  to Japan!  
They arrived yesterday night from Philippines and we picked them up to Centrair Nagoya. 

Thanks be to God for their safe trip.  

Enjoy your trip here in Japan Emily and Kricel! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm so excited...

... and i just can't hide it ♪

God is really good ... another answered prayer ! 

Yaaay ... my youngest sis Emily together with my niece Kricel is coming to Japan from Philippines  tomorrow!!!
They will be here till the end of Kricel's school vacation on June. 
It's Kricel's first time in Japan ... so we are excited at home to tour her around ... 
for sure our top list target are Disney Resort, Universal Studio Japan ( i am also excited coz I want to see Harry Potter's attraction which was opened last year ... been waiting to them to come so we can enjoy it together )... and Kricel requested to visit Kitty Land.  If we still have a chance... we would like to bring her to Sea Paradise in Yokohama ...   

I am sure they will also be surprised to what they will found out in our home  ... when Emily was here in Japan about 5 years ago ... our house  was very ideal and everythings in order that time ...  now i am sure she will be shocked to what she will find out especially on the second floor ... loool.  

Wooow ... i can smell a general cleaning time too!!!  

See you Emily and Kricel tomorrow!  

Thanks be to God for all the blessings and being our provider as always ...
We love you Lord xx 

Friday, April 24, 2015


My friend in New Zealand Ellen phoned me and asked me to interpret to her former host family-- Otoosan and Okaasan Tsuchiya san in Japan that she and her family will visit Japan on December and they want to visit them in Shizuoka.  

I tried to find there home in Ando but unfortunately i did not find it ... instead i phoned to okaasan and otosan ... and she said they want to meet me in person so that they can teach me their home and wants to know more about my friend in NZ and about me.  

Ok ... so i did set a date ... and the two old nice couple picked me up to my work ... that's after my class in the afternoon ... then they drove me to their home in Ando ... and when we reached their place i was so surprised and laughing coz when i was actually looking for their home last Wednesday ... there was this last 3-storey house that i spotted and which looks like a community hall for me ... there were 3 kids playing in front of it and approached me if what they can help me ... so i told them that i was looking for the number of the house but i can't find it ... they helped me look around but we did not find it ...
So i asked them if they know Tsuchiya san's residence ... then the kids told me that one of their playmates who was helping me to find the house is also Tsuchiya  ... but since she is still small ... she don't know her house number ... and i can't imagine she's related coz i am looking for two old couple Tsuchiya san and i don't think they have a small kid.

So that's the surprise ... the last house i was standing with the kids is the house i was looking for ... and one more surprised was that the house on the first floor is actually a buddish church ! 

So there ... otoosan was actually an oboosan or a monk. ... but since he was old already ... it is his eldest son who replaced him and do the work now.  

Since i am new to their place ... we did have some prayers first as a sign of welcoming to their home and meeting them in person.  

Then they invited me to their home on the second floor and we had a lot of chatting about my friend and family .... about me ... and they showed me a lot of albums and souvenirs of all the former foreign students they handled for many past years ... and again another surprised for me ... i saw all the pics of my NAKAMA former members who were exchange students that time ---and i saw some pics of my friends who was living now in Australia and NZ!   Yaaay what a small world!

I told to Ellen my experienced and i was wondering why i never meet otoosan and okaasan before ...  Ellen reminded me that they been inviting me many times to some events at okaasan and otoosan place but i was very busy that time to my family and NAKAMA.

But oh well... it's a good chance to meet otoosan and okaasan Tsuchiya san.
They are really so kind and adorable.  
I really felt their warmness.  No wonder why all the foreign students they helped consider them as their second parents --- they are truly awesome!  

See you all again otoosan... okaasan xx 

Thursday, April 23, 2015





A day in a sea side park

Another awesome day and i can't resist to waste this day without going out to walk ...

so this time i'm not with my little red bike --- as what my bestie called it lol ... 
this time i went out drivin to one of my fav sea side park in Hirono and had a lot of walk ... 

love it ... felt good  xxx

Shipwreck at Hirono Seaside Park

This are the path i walked in ... from here and there :P

the toy puddle who keep on following me whenever i go ... so cute :)

i huffed and puffed until i reached this area ...  
Part of Mochimune Fisharina where everyone are free to go on fishing
 thanks for the wonderful music that kept me company :)

Mochimune fishing port

Sorry bestie ... i know how much u been missing the sea and your diving ...
but it's only a fishing port ...
envy me if i am in a white sand beach or in a diving paradise :P

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sumpu Castle's Hitsujisaru Yakura

About 2 years ago ... i been passing to Sumpujo Park and been seeing the restored Hitsujisaru-yagura or Arsenal Tower constuction
 and i did not know that it was completely opened to public last year of spring... 

Below is some info about the tower....
 (reference from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Guided Tour)

Hitsujisaru represents sheep and monkeys. It indicates the direction of southwest. It looks like a two-story arsenal tower, but it has three stories inside. It was faithfully rebuilt in 2014 based on some archives. It was open to the public recently. Here you can enjoy a hands-on activity which is called Mix Reality. You might feel as if you were in a time tunnel, with special goggles on. 

 Hitsujisaru Yagura or turret

The tower served as much for defense as it did as a lookout post.Also,ancient records indicate stocks of spears were kept there,suggesting a third role as an armory.

I'm interested to see the wonder of the inside of this tower ... 
 if i will get the chance ...
I will tell u more about the inside.