Friday, November 19, 2010

Miss my blog... :(

How are you everyone???!!!

Yaaaay... my goodness... seems my blog is being neglegted already!!! lol
Soooo sorry for not updating my blog lately :(

I've got a lot of exciting and funny things to share...
Well, I also have some sad and disappointing moments although i decided to myself that i will only share the good things here... hehehhe :P
...nway, hope I can post them in the near future...

For the meantime... I hope everyone are always doing fine out there.
Miss you all... xx

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My dear friend Nanako chan's wedding

I had a great day today at my dear Japanese friend Nanako chan's wedding gathering that was held in Shizuoka Century Hotel.
Yaaaaay... finally... Nana chan made it... hahahhah!!! Congratulation my dear friend!
As always... she's pretty and lovely but more stunning today with her gorgeous wedding gowns... the white wedding gown and the orange mexican-like gown :)
and as always i love her cute smiling face.
It's my first time to meet her hubs today... ohhh... he is cool and funny and warm... good for you Nanako chan!!! hehehhe.
It was an awesome wedding as a whole. I love the video film clip of Nanako chan and her husband Yamamoto san made by her brod Hiro kun. Nice to see some familiar faces like Yukari chan and Megu chan at the reception... and of course... Okaasaaaaan--- Arakawa san^^ , as well as Arakawa sensei... hmmm, i think the last time i saw Okaasan was when we went to Italy together last December.
It was also nice to meet new peps like Nanako chans former classmates and teachers. We actually shared same table^^.
It was also funny and cute when Nanako chan gave her wedding bouquet directly to Yukari chan... ohhhh i'm lookin forward having her wedding rites in France in the near future.
Another memorable moment for me at the wedding was when Nanako chan requested me to sing "Mamma Mia" theme coz she like that song and movie. OMG... I know the song but I was sooo tense coz i don't have any practiseeee... but the show must go on... and i did hit it!!! lol :D
Lastly... that heart warming speech of Nanako chan addressed to her parents was soooo touching with the background music of "Slippin Through My Fingers"... ummm... i love it! It did move me... ummm... i don't think it's only me... but many were touched.
Oh well... to Nanako chan and Yamamoto san...
Congratulation guys!!! Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness^^

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer in Disney Resort

I had 3 days summer trip with my family in Tokyo Disney Resort. Yes... in Disney again coz my daughter Sachan really love this park... knowing that this year... she had been there for 4 times already!!! hehheh... Well, in her high school days... she used to go there for at least 6 times in a year :P
Summer... syempre maineeeeeet!!! So we enjoyed the splashing of water event in Disney Sea and Disneyland like "Dale and Chip's Cool Service" show and the "Cool the Heat" show.
Sachan's classmate-- cutie Mika chan with her lovely mom were staying in Hotel Miracosta that time and we had this chance to bond together watching "Bon Fire Dance" show and had fun riding at Indiana Jones adventures. The next day... we met them again in Disneyland after watching "Cool the Heat" show.
We all strolled in Ekspiri on our 3rd day... before Sachan left for Niigata City... ... hmmm... it's still summer but the fashion displays were for autumn already.
We all separated in the afternoon... Sachan went back to Niigata City coz her school will start this Monday... while me and hubs went back to Shizuoka City...
Whaaaaa... the summer fun was over with Sachan... geee... gonna miss my girl again... in fact i am missing her already... till we see you again Sachan and take care always!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Philipine Travel 2010

Hello everyone^^
I'm back safe and sound with Sachan from our 10 days super duper trip in the Philippines.
We had a great time with my family... my friends and my relatives.

We explored Boracay this time and it's soooo awesome.

I loved the musical play--- CATS. I was lucky to see it with Sachan, Emily, Kath and Debbie held in Cultural Center of the Philippines!
I loved Lea Salonga who played one of the leading role. It was very amazing when she performed the song "Memory" ... sooo clear and touching.
One thing for sure that i will not forget with this travel was my reunion with my teenage friends--- the ESCAMADIANs. Ohhh my gosh... it's sooo nice to see them after about 30 years. Obviously we are not that young anymore but still... they are my dear friends i used to know.

Too bad we were not complete that time coz some of our members were living abroad already and some were hard to contact and the gathering was also held on working days... but still lots of us came!!! Ohhh... I am thankful to everyone... who joined, cooperated and supported that event. I love you all guys... looking forward to our grand reunion!!!
By the way... I would like to extend my heartful thanks to my BBF Edna... i loved our date, i missed many stories of our ... you take care of yourself always especially your health.
I loved my dinner date with the Escamadian ladies-- peppi, tey, nids, susan and edna... you're all really funny and sweet and crazy!!! Thanks to all your souvenirs...hehheh^^

I love you too Peppie... i found a new sis in you!!! Direk Reddie, get well soon... Myno-- that was a great speech! Roel and Susan-- thanks for the wonderful support u extend to our charity program.... and yes to everybody... super kayo^^

I also miss my family especially the kids-- KDC, Emil and Kricel...
Sooo many things to share... so excited to share them all to you peps but i need to cut this for a while coz i need to upload more pix first...
some pix are posted in my facebook profile already.

to be continued... m(_ _)m

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It's meeee!!!

From my work... Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange monthly newsletter... August 2010 issue...
TY Miyamoto san for the article^^

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ABE KAWA Fireworks Exhibition 2010

As part of Philippine NAKAMA group social activities every year... we all gathered again last night in Abe River site to view the yearly Abe Kawa Hanabi Taikai or fireworks exhibition.
It's uncle Jo's bday too... and he did his celebration there... ohhh was a blast!!! Thanks for the Pinoy food provided by uncle Jo and Dang... i love the krema de prutas... tama ba? lol :D
We had a very nice and fun bonding... what do we expect kapag Pinoy na ang nag-bonding especially if everyone were tipsy??? It was cool!!!
Thanks to everyone who joined... i did have a great night with you all and the fireworks... yes... it was fabulous... i loved it... everyone enjoyed it^^
'til next summer everyone!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cross-cultural experiences

Goodness... it's sizzling hooooot lately... but it's not an excuse not to keep on going...
well, this time... i did some cross-cultural activities for kids.

Last Tuesday... I teached Philippine Culture in Sodeshi Elementary School in Shimizu District with my friends Deriff from Nepal and U-san from Myanmar under the supervision of EGG- Education by Global Group.
This is our one way of providing Japanese kids some knowledge about different cultures and traditions from other countries in order to develop more understanding and respect among each other... ano pa nga ba... heheheh...
Oh well, was a great day to teach... seems i was showering with my own sweat inside the classroom... coz... it's really hooooot... heheh.
Thanks to my facilitators-- Noriko and Koyanagi san for their great support in my lecture.
I introduced to the kids this game "Jack's stone"... as usual they loved it and everyone were asking me where they can buy that game stuff... hahhaha... sponsors, anyone?

nway... another international event that i attended was this Picture Story-Book Reading session held in Azarea today.
My ever kind-hearted Japanese friend-- Kawamura san of セブの少女たちに布地を送る会-- it's her volunteer group name... introduced me to her friends-- Koumura san and Hamada san who translated in Japanese and published the one of Filipino great picture story-book entitled "May mga Lihim Kami Ni Ingkong" or "Secrets of Lolo" and in Japanese... they actually changed the title to " Ojisan no Boshi' ... in English... it's "Grandpa's hat".

Well to cut the story short... the translated book is out now in the market this July and they're promoting this book lately... and since it's a Philippine book orig... they invited me for impromptu reading in Tagalog... while someone read it in Japanese. Wooow... i did recite it with my heart... and the feedback was that they loved the expressions in Tagalog^^ ... good that i was also trained as a radio talent on my college days... hahhaha :P

Truth was it's my first time to read that "Secret of Lolo"... wooow very impressive story... it touched my heart too and can't helped to fall my tears in the end coz i have same experience with the leading kid regarding my mom-in-law... it's actually a story of a close grandpa and his grandson... that one day becoz of old age... grandpa lost his memories and can't even recognized the kid... and the kid can't take it... coz they're very close. 'cant tell the whole story... you better buy a copy in the bookstore... hahhahh. I actually bought some copies to give away to all my "inaanak".

I also invited the Japanese publishers to Shizuoka International Fest on October to introduced the book to the public with Phil NAKAMA group.

After the session... i was surprised to see the Shizuoka YWCA group doing plea market at the event. Well... i was with their group long time ago but i am not active anymore due to my hectic world... heheh... but ohhh... it's nice to see them... it's nice to see old wonderful familiar faces.

That's it... my overall cross cultural experiences lately was fabulous... was also quite a good education for me... :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coast to coast

Got some refreshing days from my 3 days holidays that started last Saturday and ended up today... Monday. I invited my hubs for driving from coast to coast... hahhaha^^... we started last Saturday in Omaezaki... ahhh the beach resort is natsukashiiii... maybe the last time i have been there was about 15 years ago... yup when Sachan was a kid, we used to go there every summer.
One thing different from before is that there are too many Brazilians around... cool!
Late afternoon, hubs and I proceeded to Shizuoka Apita.. we shopped and had our dinner there... we had hiyashi soba and jyajya men... wooow... it's really summer!!!
Last Sunday... hubs and i went driving in Izu. We went to Ito Marine Town. We also visited my Indonesian friend Danny to his working place... in SuruBaya Indonesian Restaurant inside the Marine Town building. We also had our lunch there... ohhh i love their tapioka with coconut ice cream. I would like to thank Danny for his Bali Cope treat... was good... like Philippine barako coffee... gochisosama deshita.
After lunch... hubs and I went to Seaside Spa within the facility. Ohhh... it was sooo refreshing. Seems i fully refilled all my energy for the coming weeks... heheh.
Then today... we headed driving in Shimizu... we're suppose to visit Shimizu S-Pulse but the parking spaces were fully packed... sooo... we just drove around Shimizu port and then we headed to Kunozan coast and end up in Sumpu Yume Hiroba. The Spa there is on new management so we get inside to experienced what's the difference from before... well, nothing much... but maybe better than before... i love the restaurant most... the foods are great.
They have some special show this time... they featured the ninja performance of Hiroz.

I am very thankful to my best friend... my hubs for keeping me company. 'was a wonderful vacation... was a good idea to escape from stress and worries in life^^

enjoy your summer everyone!!!

oh my goodness... negra na naman ako... hehehh!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tequila and Salt

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated^^

Oh well... thanks to my sweet friend Ana and my dear online friends in Tagged for sharing this lovely thoughts...

This should probably be taped

To your bathroom mirror

Where you could read it every day.

You may not realize it,

But it's 100% true.

1. There are at least two people in this world

That you would die for.

2. At least 15 people in this world

Love you in some way.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you

Is because they want to

Be just like you.

4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone,

Even if they don't

Like you.

5. Every night,

SOMEONE thinks about you

Before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. You are special and unique.

8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.

9. When you make the biggest mistake ever,

Something good comes from it.

10. When you think the world

Has turned its back on you

Take another look.

11. Always remember the compliments you received.

Forget about the rude remarks.

And always remember.....

When life hands you Lemons,

Ask for Tequila and Salt and call me over!

Good friends are like stars........

You don't always see them,

But you know they are always there.

"Whenever God Closes One Door He Always Opens

Another, Even Though

Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway"

I would rather have one rose and a kind word

From a friend while I'm here

Than a whole truck load when I'm gone.

Happiness keeps You Sweet,

Trials keep You Strong,

Sorrows keep You Human,

Failures keeps You Humble,

Success keeps You Glowing,

Love keeps you going!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another year older

wheee... hello everyone... i turned a year older "again" :( heheh... wish i could stop it but i can't :D
nway... as the saying goes... the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age... heheh... i don't need to lie about my age... just don't ask me please :P
well... this post is dedicated to all the wonderful people who remembered and sent me greetings and wishes.
i don't have any plan to celebrate my birthday this year because i am loaded of works and activities lately... but i was grateful to my daughter Sachan and my hubs for giving me an advance surprise birthday dinner in Vietnam Restaurant in Niigata City. that's a memorable family gathering for me.
then on my very special day... hmmm i was not actually in my birthday mode. i was spinning like a wheel that time... soooo busy with the UTAWIT Shizuoka event preparation... and everything. kakalokah :D
but it was amazing... my cellphone was too busy with SMS and emails messages and phone calls from friends and relatives... including my land line phone... oh to my sis Malu... i know u phoned... sorry i missed it. believe it or not... i am still answering some of my txt now... finally i got time to do it, heheh... sorry... sorry talaga... better late than never di ba? ;P
i am also thankful to some friends who visited at home for their personal greetings and handed in their gifts like to my dear lilibeth, sarah and yuta. we'll actually meet the next day but they insisted to visit me on the very day of my bday coz they said they want to greet me on time... ohhh ladies... that's very heartwarming... hugsss to all of you.
well to liza... "i know u were bc with your work that day... u just sent your gift ... and u were so silent there not to greet me personally even by txt or phone or net ... but i understand... yes... i do understand... heheheh^^ ... but i am very grateful to you for the support you gave me on our Sunday event... you were there for me from the start up to the last hours... i might seldom say this but thanks a lot for being one of my great buddies". cge na... that include tita amie, uncle jo, dang, sarah, precy... hmmm... too many to mention... marami lang ang magtatampo if i forgot some names... hahhah.
cge, continue pa natin ng konte... hehhe... cna olive, ana, maritess y & t , cecil, neri, pam, annalyn, ajie, ysa, beth, alisa, hayan di na to matatapos... basta mahal ko kayong lahat^^
i was also touched to see a lot of greetings from everyone in my different accounts in net like in Yahoo, FB, Friendster and Tagged... wooow... the power of internet is amazing... they remind everyone that it's your birthday... no wonder many are forced to greet... hahahah^^
but really from my heart... i appreciate everyone's greetings and wishes... especially those long messages that really touched my heart... and i can't helped to shed some tears...heheh. thank you guys... that's really warm and it's nice to know some lovely people who really cares for you. i won't forget that.
to friends i consider as my BFF... edna, lolit and richelle... thanks ladies... love u all always.
oh well not to forget, to my special friend somewhere out there... u made my birthday complete...thanks to your lovely message^^
'truth is i am not still done in answering some of my messages... but definetely... i will reply asap :P
and yes to emily who sent me greeting cards in behalf of her family with mama mary's cd... i also love the kids cute messages... so awesome...missed u all guys.
lastly to all my wonderful friends here... that in spite of our busy schedule at the event last Sunday... they gave time to celebrate my birthday together with Precy and Pam's bday... thanks for making our day great :) i love you all... bet u know that... hahahha
... and yes not to forget... for all the gifts... wooow that's too much... this is what nice on having bdays... u rcvd many gifts... hahahh... thanks a lot guys... honestly i still never open them all... otanoshimini... hahahha... and to those who still want to send their gifts... yes... no worries folks... i am still open to receive them all hahhaha :P
i hope i did not miss anyone... if ever... remind me please... ^^;
i am blessed for having a wonderful people around me... my big warm hugsss to all^^

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bonding with Sachan in Niigata City

I'm back home from my 5 days visit to my dear daughter Sachan in Niigata City.
It has been a year since i last visited her place and more than 2 years since i last stayed in her place. Ohhh i missed the place... but i missed my Sachan the most :P
Sachan picked me up last Wednesday afternoon at the station... then we dated in Bandai City... why so soon i thought... oh well, she's busy with her schooling and have no time to date me ... and she had the chance that afternoon :)
As a tradition... don't have any omiage for her except my omiage from Australia...:P
The following day... as what she said... she's busy at school... so i made it a chance to clean her room. Wooow... i believed she's really busy... i can see it in her room...hahahh :D So i did the cleaning for 2 consecutive days.
This time visit was a good chance to meet her boyfriend too... was cool meeting... he drove us to ishi yaki or sizzling ramen restaurant. was good... as well as the guy is nice and funny... no problem da yoooo... heheheh! :D was wondering what the other strict tita's will say? hmmm...
Saturday morning, papa arrived from Shizuoka City to attend the conference at Sachan's university... we had lunch together at the nearby chinese restaurant. We like that restaurant coz foods are strong in flavour and we love their homemade taste... but actually... we are quite disappointed this time... coz it's too oily :( heheh.
after lunch we visited Sachan's campus... then Sachan and I went to stayed with papa to Hotel Okura... same hotel... same room as usual... heheh. Everytime we stay there, they have been giving us same room and that's for 4 consecutive years... so we called that room... our room already... and that's hotel... our home:P heheh...

Saturday night... Sachan reserved our dinner at Vietnam Restaurant. I thought it's our dinner for hubs Father's day... but ohhh i was the one surprised... i was enjoying watching the FIFA World Cup thru my cellphone... was Netherlands vs Japan match game... when suddenly the restaurant lights turned off... and a birthday background music played while a pretty staff brought a cake with sparkling lite candles to our table... and i was wondering... was it's my birthday? hahahah... coz my bday is still 6 days ahead... oh well... everyone was saying "omedetou"... so i finally realize yeah... it's a surprise birthday celebration... hahahha... hehehh...was touching, was overwhelming... lol... but anyway... thanks to sachan and papa for the wonderful treat... was a wonderful memory to me.
Sad to say that after we ate the cake, Japan didn't make it ... was 1-0. they had chances but did not score. nway, still glad coz samurai blue did a good job again :) imagine... only 1-0... how's that :D

oh well... Sunday... after our last family date in Kameda... agaaain... hehhe... well, we have visited the different spot in the city so we decided to have a window shopping only... and as i said... after that... papa and i went back home to Shizuoka City together.

Oh i'm missing Sachan again... gonna see her on summer... and this August... we'll visit Philippines. Yeah!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aussie Adventure

Hello everyone! I'm back from a week travel in Australia! It was a great adventure for me... :D I loved all the states i visited like Sydney, Ayers Rock and Adelaide.
I met a lot of beautiful people from my tour and of course... i would like to thank my dear friend Daisy who gave me a wonderful treat in Adelaide with her friends.
Likewise, i would like to congratulate her and my friend Manny coz they'll be getting married on December in the Philippines... wooow... omedetou to both of you and another exciting news i've heard was that i am one of their ninang to-be... yeheeey! Well... best wishes guys. You both deserve each other. All the best!
Well... back to my trip... when i was there... it was always raining especially in Sydney and Adelaide... but everytime i went out from the hotel... believe it or not... it became sunny or should i say fine weather... ummm... i didn't thought i'm HARE ONNA ... hehehh :)
Well... it was a blessings anyway... lucky me!
I can't think of any hassles on my trip except for the time scheds of my tour... sleeping hours were not enough... love to sleep pa naman when you are tired :P
Oh well... i took a lot of pics so please just take a look... i think my pics will help to tell you more about my escapades there.
All i can say is that i did enjoy every moment that i spent there. This is a new and unforgetable kind of trip for me :P


Ayers Rock


Sunday, May 09, 2010

All about my Golden Week

Golden Week in Japan is a weeklong series of holidays that starts from last week of April and end up to first week of May.
GW this year started April 29th, the Showa Day... then May 3rd, the constitution Day, May 4th is Greenery Day and May 5th is Children's Day.

I used to travel with my family during GW... but i tell you... it's overflowing with people everywhere and the traffic is too crowded. Not to memtion that it's costly to travel during GW. Sooo... lately we used to spend it just relaxing at home and exploring some new spot around our place.

This GW... i enjoyed it with my hubs dining around the city and with friends doing and attending some activities.

April 29th, I visited my Japanese friend Masui san's new opened typical candy store. What's interesting with her store is that aside from Japanese typical confectionaries... it also have some sweets from other countries like Philippines. I posted more details about this below this post.
The following day... Sunday... i attended with my friends Precy, Maritess and my cutie Maika chan the Fiesta event in Shimizu Catholic Church. It was our kababayans first try to held this event in Shimizu but fortunately, it went fine with the cooperations of everyone from Shimizu church... good job guys :) It's also nice to see some Phil NAKAMA participated the event.
We were not able to finished the Fiesta event... coz we need to represent the Phil NAKAMA for the invitation of Mochizuki san's group, the Int'l Stationary Exchange Group at World Zoo Art Exhibit in Link Nishina. Two years ago, Phil NAKAMA supported their art exhibit in Philippines and this year, the exhibit was held in Thailand.
The next day, May 3rd... my hubs and i have a relaxation date in SURUGA KENKO LANDO in Okitsu. It was very crowded but we still enjoyed our spa and our lunch there. After our spa date... we picked up my friend Liza dowtown and we have dinner together in Royal Host. We enjoyed talking for maybe about 3 hours. What a long dinner time... hahahha:) Well... the following day, 4th of May... with my niece Belinda and her hubs uncle Jo decided to drive and visit our relatives... Abby and Miko in Kikugawa. It was a good chance coz Miko's mom is already leaving Japan for Philippines that coming Saturday so our gathering there turned out not only as welcome party for us but also a sayonara party for mom Cathy.
Ohhh... it's really nice to have bonding with relatives from time to time. Thanks to the warm reception by everyone out there including to Jan, Jenny and little Michael kun. We have typical Pinoy seafood dinner together... ummm was great... missing to have them again as well as i am missing our bondings there :D

Well... the rest of the holidays was spent by watching movies in DVDs at home. I was able to buy "Avatar" and "Up" dvd. OMOSHIROKATTTTTA :)
"Avatar" reminds me of Star Wars and Lord of the Ring in terms of special effect... well, maybe more advance tech. The story is also nice... reminds me of the history of American Indian vs the English people. It's like the movie... Dance with the Wolves and Princess Mononoke, one of Japanese quality animation movie :)
I also love "Up"... it's a cute and heartfelt adventure animated movie.
I was able to watch "The Shawshank Redemption" thru net. I know it's a worth watching movie and i always wanted to watch it. Ohhh well, thanks to my online friend Shane for reminding me to watch it... finally i did it :)

Ohhh it's a great movie about hope, friendship, salvation and yes... redemption. There are many good and cool lines or quotes there too... like "Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" ... Love it :)

Well... that's how i spent my GW this year... if there is one thing i missed... it's surely my daughter Sachan... like last year she was not able to spent GW with us due to her club activities at her university. Hopefully... next year ;)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Chikyuu no Koe

A Japanese friend... Masui san had just opened last April 22 a candy store with communication and recreation ground for kids, named DAGASHI YA HIROBA... CHIKYUU NO KOE or Earth's voice.
Masui san is related to multicultural information and assistance activities and she's being supported by her co-voluntary group.
The interesting part on her newly opened candy store is that you can enjoy varieties of candy and other sweet goods not only from Japan but also from different countries.
Every kids even their parents can have a chance to play with different kind of games from different countries too. Sometimes there are some native foreigners who will be present there to introduce their native games.
Oh yesss... there is also a corner there like a little library where kids can enjoy reading.

Well... i was not there on the opening... but i was able to visit the place today.
I am surprised coz the candy store is busy with customers today. Glad to see Kamiyama san around... one of the volunteer staff and a friend too... and I am glad I was able to help around introducing the Philippine sweets and intertaining some kids ... hehehh.
Opppsss... just a reminder... when I was there a TV staff and reporter Suzuki san from SBS were coveraging the candy store and they will aired that on May 5, Children's Day at 6:00 SBS News... so if u all got the chance to view it... please do so... hmmm... i was being interviewed too... but i am not happy coz i'm too haggard and not a telegenic... hahahhah!
If you have a chance to visit the place... it's located in 7-20 Miyamoto cho, Suruga District. Open from 14:30-18:00, Monday, Thursday and Saturday only. Closed during holidays.
Yoroshiku :)

Phil NAKAMA in Nihon Daira Hotel

Phil NAKAMA group performed folk dances last April 8th at KINSEIRYU TAISHOGOTO BUNKAGOTO group anniversary event in Nihon Daira Hotel. We had lots of wonderful experiences. The bondings, team work, place and show were great. Thanks for the very good reception and treatment we received from the group headed by Okada sensei :) What a great party!!!

After the event... we all gathered in Sawayaka Steak House for a treat to ourselves... lol!
Hontoni minasan... otsukaresama deshita... arigatou ❤

Friday, April 30, 2010

Memories of Spring 2010

Yippie... at long last... got this chance to update my blog... and here i am ... natataranta kung saan ko ba uumpisahan ang lahat. hmmm... it's been about 2 months yata ako nabakante... gosh...oh, ok i better start to this year's spring...
This year spring was actually odd... sometimes warm, sometimes cold like winter... yup in the mid of April... there were those days snowing in northern parts of Japan... hehehhe... strange :)Well spring... i'll start with Sachan's spring break... as usual during her spring break, she came back home from her university life in Niigata City. Everytime she came home... it is a tradition for her to celebrate this Hina Matsuri ... it's doll's festival for the celebration of Girl's Day every 3rd of March where every Japanese home with daughters in the family displayed hina dolls and wish the happiness and prosperity of the girl.
After the day of the festival is over, Japanese usually put away the doll display coz there is a superstition that says if the displayed dolls will not put away soon, there will have trouble marrying off their daughters.
Hmmm actually the festival is every March 3 and like this year... Sachan arrived home one week delayed but we still never put the displayed away coz Sachan still never celebrate the day. Anyway... we have a saying that superstition is only the fear of belief... right? :)Have you heard about Oushou Chinese Restaurant here in Japan? Well this restaurant is popular around Japan especially somewhere in Tokyo and gyoza or Chinese dumplings is very popular to this restaurant. We thought there's no chain restaurant here in Shizuoka... alas... there's one in Yaizu City... and at long last we were able to visit the place and had chance to eat their popular dishes like ramen and chahan too... as to be expected it was good... no wonder the place is always crowded. Well, since Sachan was around... our family decided to go to onsen or hot spring last March 14. We went to BIJIN YU... it's only here in the heart of Aoi District... bit near our place but it's our first time to visit this onsen. They said that this onsen is good for the skin... hehheh sounds convincing. It's a typical onsen... not bad... and the food is good too. Funny, we used to visit some onsen far away from home... truth is... there are many good onsen around Shizuoka City. After the terrific onsen with my family, I enjoyed the Latin Jazz Live by Taro san with the Hip Hop Band and Uncle Jo held in Malcome Hall in Shimizu District. All the performers were great and yes... uncle JO... you are impressive... i like your pop songs... like "In Your Eyes" and "Just Once" ... very nostalgic. Thanks to Hip hop band and uncle Jo's chocolates! After the event... wheee... at long last, got the chance to visit my friend Lei's KS Mart Pub nearby. We were starving expecting for a Pinoy dinner... but noooo as i said it's a Philippine Pub not restaurant, so all we had was yakisoba... but it was yummy!
Another unforgettable activities for me this spring was the meeting with the beautiful peepz from KINSEIRYU TAISHOGOTO BUNKAGOTO group held in Nihon Daira Hotel last March 19th. Yeeesss, i drove up in a zigzag road of Nihon Daira with Liza, Marites and Maika chan. Was fun as we enjoyed the natures of spring... so lovely! From above the hill of Nihon Daira Hotel was a wonderful overlooking view of Shimizu District... with the blue skies and blue sea... and the green natures... so peaceful ... truly awesome! Oh well... the meeting is about the invitation to Philippine NAKAMA group to perform some cultural dances for their anniversary event on April 18th at the same hotel. They showed us the venue and wooow... the stage is gorgeous... as in heeey we are back on real stage... lol!
Back to my family... after having lunch at sushi bar last March 20, we went for a walk in Hirono Beach Park in Suruga District. Yup... this park is also a bit near to our house but since this park was build in way back 10 years ago... would u believe that it's our first time to visit the park. We sometimes passed to this park but good at long last we got the chance to explore the place :PThis park includes a lot of playground stuffs and it has also a path that connected to Mochimune Fishing Port.
After our family bonding... with Sachan ... we had some bonding with some friends--- tita Amie, Sarah, Unno san and Kate in Ryo's part time work place-- a dart bar... the Boozer or was it Buzzer? Dochi dakke?! heheh... Of course, Ryo was there... and it's been a while meeting for Ryo and Sachan... oh well they are friends since they were kids and Ryo is like my son too coz he's tita Amie's loving son... her sons are my sons too... hehehhe! After this, Sarah invited us to karaoke where she released her stressess... nyahahah!
Late March... the sakura trees or cherry blossoms trees started to bloom... what a perfect time for HANAMI-- cherry blossom viewing!

Below was meee enjoying the scene of full bloom sakura trees in Sumpu Park...
below were sakura view in Tokiwa ParkEvery year when sakura are in full bloom... my group, Philippine NAKAMA held our HANAMI picnic in Sumpu Park, Hanami Ground. This year... we held the picnic last March 28th. Was a great gathering... attended by lots of friends. Ajie's bday was also held. It was nice of Marissa to bring and serve some salabat... the Philippine typical hot tea made of ginger... was good for the climate coz it's partly cold... not to mention that later in the afternoon... the picnic was devastated by rain... hahahha... but the picnic went on! Imagine we were having Hanami under the tent... hahahhaha! The next day, 29th of March... in the mid of spring... ice falls as hailstones in Shizuoka City! pheeew... weird! What's happening to our mother natures? lol... April 2... Sachan went back home again from Niigata City. Shizuoka Festival's 3 days event started that day up to 3rd... and we've heard that her former classmates from Futaba School is one of Miss. Shizuoka that will be featured in the parade... and was sched to appear on stage that YOZAKURARANBO night stage show in Sumpu Park... so we tried to catch her up... unfortunately... we came late already... so missed her classmates appearance. Next day, April 3rd... was the 1-day Bus Tour event of Philippine NAKAMA in Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. I was not able to sleep for 24 hours... that's what i hate in bus tours! Ummm Sachan did not join us too coz she hates long bus trip... I agree... :P The event was participated by about 25 members and families... it was a very long trip and very tiring but was a FUNtastic and memorable tour for us :) I was really tired and wanted to sleep a lot the next day but Sachan woke me up early to accompanied her to Shimin Bunka Hall... coz she had this invitation by her former Brass Band group of Futaba School to watch their performance. Yearly since she graduated from high school, she was being invited by the group... and this year.. she doesn't wanna miss it this time but her other co-graduate mates were all out of town... no company... and who else she can asked for... of course... it's meeee... so even i'm still sleepy... i went with her to watch the performance and geeee... i did not regret it... me and Sachan were surprised and amused to their performances... they're great... ohhh... they're really super compared to Sachan's generations... ummm they have a great instructor this time... sorry no offence to Sachan's former instructress but the instructor this time is really awesome!
Sachan got the chance to meet her instructress and some of her graduating junior mates... and after some greetings and picture takings... we went to Sumpu Park to meet some other friends. It's still Shizuoka Festival... so after the concert... on the way to Sumpu Park... we happened to see the parade of the event and Sachan saw her former classmates... one of Miss Shizuoka and greeted each other... "hi and otsukaresamadeshita" :)
We met Belinda and Uncle Jo in Sumpu Park's Hanami ground having Hanami with some friends... and it was surprising to see same faces who were also in USJ trip... aside from Dang... Sarah and Yuta were there... of course Yoko and Yoshi, Olive and Mona... hehhehe. Walang kapaguran! Dang and I invited our relatives... Abby and Miko to watch the Shizuoka Festival Yozakura ranbo and we were happy to see that they came with the whole family all the way from Kakegawa.. It's nice to see again Miko's mama and of course it's nice to meet his papa, Jen and Jenny and kid Michael. We also invited them for dinner in Jollibee Tropical Restaurant.
Oh it's nice to have some bondings with relatives from time to time! Hope to be with them again in the near future or maybe Dang, Jo and hopefully with Sachan should visit them in Kakegawa in exchange :P

March 12... was raining hard but the gathering at Alisa's new home in Shimizu was not postponed hahahah! She gathered all her friends for a house blessing-like party. The house is subarashiiiii... ummm lucky you Alisa :)
It's nice to see some of my girl friends there... almost all NAKAMA huh! heheh... oh love u all girls and heeey what's happening to you Ajie... as in Lucita... hmmm she's currently addicted to her iphone's FB... ummm love is weird lol! Ohhh... there are more memorable happenings on this spring... was quite hectic spring vacation... but it was great... more pictures are in my FB profile... :)
By the way... below pics is papa's 1 year old sakura tree. hmmm... i don't know what type of sakura is this... heard from pappie that it's magnolia... magnolia??? lol
Hope you are all enjoying the rest days of your spring season!