Saturday, September 18, 2010

My dear friend Nanako chan's wedding

I had a great day today at my dear Japanese friend Nanako chan's wedding gathering that was held in Shizuoka Century Hotel.
Yaaaaay... finally... Nana chan made it... hahahhah!!! Congratulation my dear friend!
As always... she's pretty and lovely but more stunning today with her gorgeous wedding gowns... the white wedding gown and the orange mexican-like gown :)
and as always i love her cute smiling face.
It's my first time to meet her hubs today... ohhh... he is cool and funny and warm... good for you Nanako chan!!! hehehhe.
It was an awesome wedding as a whole. I love the video film clip of Nanako chan and her husband Yamamoto san made by her brod Hiro kun. Nice to see some familiar faces like Yukari chan and Megu chan at the reception... and of course... Okaasaaaaan--- Arakawa san^^ , as well as Arakawa sensei... hmmm, i think the last time i saw Okaasan was when we went to Italy together last December.
It was also nice to meet new peps like Nanako chans former classmates and teachers. We actually shared same table^^.
It was also funny and cute when Nanako chan gave her wedding bouquet directly to Yukari chan... ohhhh i'm lookin forward having her wedding rites in France in the near future.
Another memorable moment for me at the wedding was when Nanako chan requested me to sing "Mamma Mia" theme coz she like that song and movie. OMG... I know the song but I was sooo tense coz i don't have any practiseeee... but the show must go on... and i did hit it!!! lol :D
Lastly... that heart warming speech of Nanako chan addressed to her parents was soooo touching with the background music of "Slippin Through My Fingers"... ummm... i love it! It did move me... ummm... i don't think it's only me... but many were touched.
Oh well... to Nanako chan and Yamamoto san...
Congratulation guys!!! Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness^^


  1. thank you melinda-san, I love you!!!!

  2. love you too nanako chan...

    Remember this sayings:
    The secret to having a good marriage is to understand that marriage must be total, it must be permanent, and it must be equal^^