Sunday, October 12, 2014

Everyday is another hope ...

Paalam Philippines ... Tadaima Japan !!!
Have a wonderful day everyone xx 

Lovely sunrise scene before taking off from Manila international airport (NAIA) bound to Japan.

I'll be back soon Philippines !!!

A visit to my mother and father at Manila Memorial Park xx

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Adventure in Corrigidor Island

This time it was my treat!
After a long days of hard works ... as a sign of my sincere gratitude for being so nice and support to me ... i did treat my dear sis Malou, bro Sonny and our dear father-like Mochizuki san (too bad it's school day-- sis Emily missed this)   to Corrigidor Island --- a small rocky historical island located in the entrance of Manila Bay.  It is a historical monument wherein Filipino, American and Japanese all fought during World War II.   

It was a day tour package which covers ferry transfers between Manila to Corrigidor, a guided island tour aboard a tranvia, fees on terminals and shrine... and a buffet lunch at Corrigidor Inn. We were able to visit Malinta Tunnel too.  

It's all our first time visit in this island ... we were able to review our history ... post war memorials are very interesting.  

It's not all about history ... everyone can also enjoy hiking, bird watching as well as biking in this island ... and not to forget ... the beach is also nice here. 

The Philippine War Heroes Memorial

"We shall not forget" -- this is to honor the fallen soldier in the Philippines

Small museum-- "Lessons of war in the 20th century" 

Japanese War Memorial Garden 
the garden of peace... 

Malinta Tunnel--
headquarters of the Philippine Government after Manila was declared Open City


Buffet lunch in Corrigidor Inn

Locha Dock ... also known as Mc Arthur's Dock or the Army Dock

Douglas Mc Arthur departed from here!

"I shall return"

Middleside Barracks

The acacia tree... more than 100 years old 

Mortals of the Battery Way
Set up in the island at the outbreak of war in 1941

Buildings of Battery Way -- for shell rooms and rooms for weapons and soldiers 

Our tour guide -- smarty^^

The biggest gun on the island

Fort Mills Post Headquarters and Chapel

Parade Ground and Golf Course

Pacific War Memorial

Eternal Flame Monument -- overlooks the rest of Corrigidor Island.

An epitaph to the Americans killed in battle during the Pacific War

  from the roof, there is a hole that beam of sunlight in... 
... and shine on the altar

Cine Corrigidor

small tadpoled-shape island

South beach is worth a dip

We are family xx