Monday, October 06, 2014

After a Storm Comes a Calm

I woke up extra early today for a business trip to Philippines with my Japanese friend, Mochizuki san ... but we end up stranded in Shizuoka Station due to strong typhoon No. 18.  All the bullet trains and other transportation were suspended ... and this typhoon has also grounded more than 600 flights including our flight.  
Typhoon brushed past Shizuoka at about 10:00 am and it turned out to be a sunny day.  
We waited for some chances but we end up cancelling our flight today and resume tomorrow coz even if we try to go to Narita Airport ... still all the bullet trains in capitals were delayed and suspended ... we don't think we can catch up our plane even they re-scheduled it for 3 hours delay.  
 Well ... everything happen for a reasons ... when i went back home in the afternoon, i was able to wash all clothes and did some general cleaning in our yard.  I think the last time i did same thing was early summer due to my busy sched... but now, everything was clean again around the house and it felt good and refreshing to see... seems all the bad luck and bad spirit were gone :P 
... and yaaay!!!  i was able to update my blog today ^_^
Tomorrow will be another wonderful day ... we are one day delayed for our work in the Philippines ... it means we need to do some double time work there ... but oh well... i know everything will be alright ... see u soon again Philippines :) 
↑A beautiful sky after typhoon went out over the Pacific!  
 After a Japanese set lunch meal treat from Mochizuki san ... 
it's time for fast food sushi dinner treat with papie !!! 
Thank u Lord for all the blessings ... heheh xx 

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