Sunday, October 12, 2014

Everyday is another hope ...

Paalam Philippines ... Tadaima Japan !!!
Have a wonderful day everyone xx 

Lovely sunrise scene before taking off from Manila international airport (NAIA) bound to Japan.

I'll be back soon Philippines !!!

A visit to my mother and father at Manila Memorial Park xx


  1. さくらんぼ12 October, 2014 14:28

    Okaeriii ate Mel !!! ... when are u going to Melbourne?

  2. Tadaimaaa <3
    I will be in Melbourne next week but not to work anymore instead it's a travel with Sachan xx

  3. さくらんぼ15 October, 2014 15:48

    Why oh why ????? akala ko ba you are planning to live in Australia someday? Sayang naman ang chance... ako na lang kaya ? heheheee

  4. Sorry for my late reply さくらんぼ ... i am old and my days are counted to this planet ... i don't want to gamble the rest of my life to untrue and unfaithful friends ... God knows where my destiny is xx

  5. You're smart and a good person ate Mel. 'better you let go of the life you planned for. I can sense that something even better is going to happen with you. You are blessed and you deserve more.