Monday, September 22, 2014

In loving memory of my dear Tatay Raffy xx

This is for our loving father that we lost on the night of September 8, 2014 at the age of 76.

Thank you for being patient... kind and the very best friend we could ever hope to find ... 

Thanks to all the hard work you did for our family... 
Thank you so much to all the wonderful things you have taught us.  

Thank you so much to your unconditional love ...
We are very proud to tell the whole world that u was our father.   

We take comfort in knowing that you are with our Almighty God.

RIP Tatay... missing you a lot ... 
We will be missing your smiling face and funny you ...

We were not able to say goodbye
but we will get to say hello again one day. 

We will always love you ...

Please give Nanay Cely a warm hug from us  xx

with love...
Mel, Ted, Lou and Leng

Thursday, September 04, 2014

The morning i popped up !

Liza was surprised yesterday morning when i phoned to her that i am going to meet her in station and accompanied her to Nagoya today to pick up her sis Susan from Philippines in Centrair International Airport.  She said she gave up expecting that i could come with her because it seems that i was so busy.
(Well, that was my intention surprise her :P)

That's what friends are for Liza ... as long as i can ... (even i cancel my work loool)  
i will be there to all people who are dear to me :)

I believe that friends will come and go ... but true friends will stay forever with you no matter what. 

simple joy ... they make the greatest of memories :)

Welcome back to Japan Susan!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Outdoor Festival Feeling

September is here ... i can smell the breeze of autumn!

My last two days of August-- Saturday and Sunday was spent enjoying with friends-- Liza, Ana and Precy in Tokyo.

We visited the Philippine Festival in Ueno Park which was held for 2 consecutive days.  We actually represent our Philippine NAKAMA group there ... and we were happy that our other members joined us like Dang, Joy, Mary on Saturday and Rose and family on Sunday.

It's nice to meet old and new faces...

and meeting my cousin's son Aldrin from Canada was another delighted moment.

It was to be a rainy day that Saturday but it turned out to be a fine day ... look at the cotton candy clouds ... it's beautiful! 

with Aldrin ... hope to see u again here in Japan and in Canada xx

Jazz singer Marlyn ... one of the Filipino's pride in Japan

Liza, Precy, Ann and me in Ueno xx

Good times ... good bonding... good food... good music... good memories ... :)