Thursday, September 04, 2014

The morning i popped up !

Liza was surprised yesterday morning when i phoned to her that i am going to meet her in station and accompanied her to Nagoya today to pick up her sis Susan from Philippines in Centrair International Airport.  She said she gave up expecting that i could come with her because it seems that i was so busy.
(Well, that was my intention surprise her :P)

That's what friends are for Liza ... as long as i can ... (even i cancel my work loool)  
i will be there to all people who are dear to me :)

I believe that friends will come and go ... but true friends will stay forever with you no matter what. 

simple joy ... they make the greatest of memories :)

Welcome back to Japan Susan!!!


  1. Hey Mel ... Dina here :)
    I am glad you're back blogging again.
    I read your article to Ise's blog about victim of betrayal ... that was really touching. I hate liars!
    Is that the reason why u gave up your team to work in Melbourne next year? buzzzzz lol!!!
    My next assignment is in Dresden. Yaaay can't wait! Hugsss !!!

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  3. Hi there Ms Adnilem and Ms Dina! Regarding that interesting article. I actually divorced my unfaithful ex after 3 years of hell marriage. After a month of divorce he exposed his girl.
    But faith is kind to me. After a year, he was broke. No money, no GF!
    As usual he still busy searching for his luck. Liars who cheated and messed up with you will eventually screwed up them selves . He deserve his own karma!
    However, I am the one happy now. I have a faithful BF and i have money LOL ! --- Sandra S.