Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer trip in Hokkaido

Another answered prayer ! 
Thank you for everything my dearest bestie! 
Thanks for the wonderful and lovely memories xx

Panoramic flower field in Biei Shikisai no Oka 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Late night cycling

Helloooo darkness !!! 

Lately,  instead of walking ... i am enjoying to ride on my little red bike ... 
i usually run for about 2 hours around city parks late at night.  

It's summer season and cycling at night is cooler than in day time.  
Besides... lately,  it's not scary or creepy to go on cycling at night  ... 
every night... all parks around the city are full of people playing Pokemon-Go!!!  
I hope Pokemon Go's popularity will still last longer ... 
so i can enjoy my cycling even late at night.    

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

フィリピン フード フェスティバル

フィリピンNAKAMA 15周年記念祝典

とき: 9月4日 (日曜日)、 11:00-16:00
ところ: MIRAIE リアン コミュニティーホール七間町
〒420-0035 静岡県静岡市 葵区七間町12-4 1F
入場料: 無料
申込方法:  直接会場へどうぞ
主催者: フィリピンNAKAMAオーガナイゼイション
連絡: 090-1786-9624、090-6082-6244 (NAKAMA)



Monday, August 01, 2016

Hello August ... summer is still around!

What a cutieeee!!! ;-)

There is something to look forward on my August ...
It's really happening xx
Starting to count the days ...
I can't wait bestieeee !!! :)