Sunday, May 14, 2017

Blessed mom!!

Precious gift from my precious daughter
 gratefulness over loaded
Samurai oyako 
 Happy mama😍
Japanese style and design purse and earing ...
too cute  ðŸ’• 

A wonderful bonding time at Narita international airport ... celebrating  mother's day with my daughter is best ever!! 

Bye for now Sachan ... bye for now Japan! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

My new toy!

My 5 year old waterproof pentax camera is not working anymore ... honestly, it's sad. 
I will travel abroad starting Sunday and probably go on swimming and hiking so i decided to buy a new waterproof camera ... many suggested to have this Nikon's Coolpix digital camera ... so i did!  
One more thing i like with this digital camera is that it has a build in wifi and NFC or Near Field Communication Technology.   I can easily tag photos from camera to my smartphone.  It also have a GPS that coordinates and maps my shots! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy mom's day!!

Mother's day is on May 14th... but i'm accepting lots of greetings and messages in advance.  I'm grateful though ;-)
Carnation flower from my Goddaughter Reina chan

Happy mom's day to all the wonderful mom in the world especially to my mother in heaven ... love you po xxx 

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Barbecue gathering in Abe River

Best moments happen when they are unplanned !!

Yesterday ... my friend Liza and i were talking of  spending our day in river side doing barbecue ...

it end up that we went out in groups.

We are not prepared ... just brought what we can bring!

Yakiniku was yummy!

the food was good...

the nature is great...

the friendship is like a family ...

no hassles

just having fun...

we were able to rest too...

... it was a fun experience!

What a great time to end up our Golden Week holiday ... Thanks be to Go

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Momijiyama Japanese Garden

Momijiyama Japanese Garden is located in Sumpu Park.
It's very near in my place but it's been a while since i visited here ... 
Mt. Fuji miniature 
We can always find happiness everywhere !  

We enjoyed the matcha and Japanese sweet at the tea pavilion.

 What a soothing place to relax. 

I think the best season to visit here is autumn... as the name of the garden is Momijiyama - mountains of red leaves ;-) 

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Golden Week in Japan!

How's your Golden Week here in Japan?

Usually ... whenever there is long holidays in Japan ... many people are traveling in other countries ---like my daughter who is enjoying her travel in Cebu, Philippines with friends right now.  Some are having a vacation somewhere around Japan.    
It's expected that during this holiday season ... the roads and sightseeing spots here in Japan are very crowded.
Before, i usually make this opportunity to travel abroad but this time ... i prepared to stay at home and be quiet ... not because i got sick :P .... truth is,  i really don't want to be in crowded area anymore!
Besides ... i will be going out of the country next week so i need to save more money and energy too.... 😍   
This is Koinobori or carp streamers as Japanese traditional symbol on celebrating the boys good future and that they will grow healthy and strong.  It's a part of GW's holiday on the celebration of Children's Day every May 5.
I took this photo from Nihon Daira ... with the view of Shimizu District and Suruga Bay. 

Well ... to everyone in Japan ... wherever you go, whatever you do ... have fun and be safe!!! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Suspension bridge thrilling adventure

The amazing view at Yume no tsuribashi (suspension bridge) in Kawane

Had this about 8 km hike back and forth just to reach this marvelous 90 meter long and 10 meter above the amazing emerald green lake suspension bridge. 
I am scared of heights but i challenged to cross the bridge.  Only 10 people are allowed to cross at a time ... the bridge is too narrow as expected and it was swaying as you walk!  I even had no time to look at the beautiful view around but it was really a fun experience. 
I did stand that scary bridge but what made me shocked most was the way back  ... everyone must climb more than 300 steps stairs on the other side of the river!  Wow that was really very tough!  I hate aging loool!!!
Anyway... i made it all--- the long walk, the crossing, the climbing and it was a fulfilling challenge !!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tulip season

Tulip Festival in Yoshida Park
I am glad i met you all again this year ;-)

Hey! Why are you there?  You should be with your tulip company.
But you look outstanding there ^_^

What a great day with bright blue skies and wonderful and colorful tulip around!

Curious doggie ... but koi are snobbing him.  

lovely tulip <3 nbsp="" p="">

Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring is here!

Finally!  the late bloom of sakura is here!!!
It's about 2 weeks late but still worth await. 

Sakura viewing can be enjoyed for a week only ... 
so i did not miss a thing to go around with my bike or by car to take some photos.

Here are some of the pics of sakura i took within a week around my hometown-- Shizuoka. 

Where flower blooms ... so does hope ^_^

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Premium Friday

After my class ... we went to a long drive in Gotemba in the mid of a gloomy and rainy day!  

Enjoying the cold and rainy Friday!  

It's premium Friday here in Japan ... so we enjoyed the buffet lunch in Gotemba Kogen ... only 1,500 yen ---with drink all you can beer!  Too bad i don't drink lol!

then we proceed to our fav spa inside the park ---
 so perfect for cold days like this! 
premium time!
A restful and peaceful Fridate!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Featured photos of mine

Just sharing a post from Jeepney Press spring issue  ... 
Thanks to my friend Irene for featuring my 3 sakura photos in her article about cherry blossoms.
Nice souvenir 🌸

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Interesting Thatched Roof Village with majestic Mt. Fuji view

It's holiday ... wondering where I can go ... 
so i tried to search and found this 
Saiko Iyashi no Sato no Nenba in Yamanashi.  
I got interested ... and drove there right away! 

It is a small charming village ... 
an open air museum and traditional craft village.
and the view of Mt. Fuji is a bonus. 

Some of the houses have exhibits, 
art galleries, handicrafts and displays of local art works. 

 There are some restaurants too where you can enjoy some of their native dishes.

 Matcha flavour my favorite!!! 

The village was destroyed by landslides in 1966 ... 
they rebuild it about 10 years ago.  
Overall ... i had a nice experience here ...
interesting and relaxing place.
What a great day!