Monday, December 29, 2014

Thank you 2014 ... I am ready 2015!

In general... 2014 has been pretty good to me.

There are some shocking and sad moments like the sudden death of my dear father last September but i believe he is in good hands now with our dear Lord so was my dear mother in law who passed away last February.  They are now reunited with their love ones in heaven.

Another disappointing thing but NOT ... was my plan to stay for keeps in Adelaide hopefully after 2 years ... i was preparing and working out for that for these past 2 years ... however, since last year... i got mixed emotions after i discovered that i was dealing with untrue and unfaithful friend.   I let another year passed by hoping some miracle changes might happen  ... unfortunately everything end up to nothing.  For that reason ... I gave up everything including my travel work in Melbourne which i will supposed to start next year ... but i never regret anything ... I am really thankful to our Almighty God for showing me the truth that i don't really belong there ... i am thankful for enlightening my mind in truth and discovering beforehand that the life waiting for me out there is not the simple life i was dreaming but a worst one. 

Oh well... everything always happen for a reason ... i keep going on ... i know everything i need will come to me at a perfect time ... i am not in a hurry anyway :)

Extra! Extra!  Read all about this!!! :P

The rest about my 2014 world is all satisfactory ... i have better health now,  financially ... the Lord always provide my needs  ... my works and activities are fine ...  i was able to travel in many places ... i have good relationships with my families, relatives, friends and colleagues ... everyone around me are nice  ... i have a dear friend who keep on inspiring me ... i also found out that having a soul mate is not always about romance ... we can find it in a friendship too.  what more blessings will i ask then?

I started rebuilding my almost 5 years wasted life lately --- I changed my X-trail car to a new one ... on year 2015,  i am planning to get a new laptop too ... and move on to a new condominium (なん~ちゃって!夢は、ただです!) ;-)
Next year ... i want to work and travel more ... there are invitations like to go back to New Zealand ... well, i don't think it's on my list to go there next year ... i like NZ but i have more interest now to go to places which are far far far more better and inspiring than NZ ...  i will surely let you know if i will be there then.

if not too much ... i am also ready to have a new doggy ... my "happy" ... but i dunno ... that's depend on my work and activities ... if there is a will ... there is a way!

I am thanking 2014 for all the blessings it gave to me ... life is good ... i thank God for guiding and protecting me as well as all my love ones ... i owe everything to HIM xx

i don't actually have any new years resolutions ... i hate pressuring my self ... but i love to learn, explore and grow more... so i might say that i will just work harder to achieve all my plans and goals.  Foremost, i will try hard to be a better person!  :P

"I know i made the right decision when there is peace in my heart...  
let go of the past, live in the present and look forward to the future" xx  

New dreams ... new hopes... new experiences and new joys ...
hope we all have a great year 2015 ahead xx


皆さん、良いお年をお迎えください :)

Bonenkai here ... bonenkai there !

It's December ... the busy month for BONENKAI party here in Japan.
Bonenkai is a year-end traditional party.    It's like a thanksgiving and forgetting all the troubles from the past and looking forward for a better new year gathering.
Basically it's a food and drinks gathering of work colleagues, friends and/or schoolmates.

I wasn't able to attend some of my work gathering due to my conflict sched ... however ... here are some of the BONENKAI i attended this year.

 gatherings with my Eikaiwa group, Shizuoka JCOB BS and close friends

 Christmas theme with my close friends BONENKAI

 ...with some of my work colleagues at SAME's internet TV 


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

The spirit of Christmas should not be just for one day but for the whole year!
Wishing you love, joy and peace the whole year round.
Merry Christmas everyone xx 

Below vid reminds me of a dear friend listening to this more than 2 hours oratorio right now :)
This is truly magnificent ... just i hope i am not tired if ever i will listen to this in actual ... 
i might be wandering in heaven then ... you know what i mean ;) 
J. S. Bach Christmas Oratorio BWV 248

Monday, December 15, 2014

Introducing my new buddy!

One more hello means one more goodbye...
To my past X-TRAIL --- thank you for the ride...
To my new X-TRAIL --- i am ready ♪ 

I picked him up last Thursday night ... and yaaay, i love my new plate number :))

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Longs to worship YOU Forever

Imagine ... it's almost Christmas and i don't actually feel any spirit of it not until i attended the sudden planning of JCOB Shizuoka City Outreach' Christmas Party last Sunday.
I was so busy with my work and activities that weekend and Saturday midnight ... I found out myself shopping alone for Christmas gifts to share on Sunday Christmas Party.
Well ... everything just paid off that Sunday morning at the service ... it was a simple blessed gathering ... even i was surprised and pressured that i will be the emcee at the service and i was asked to study a Christian song "Beautiful Savior" on the spot ... and asked to sing "Love You So Much" without any practice ... thanks be God that He is always there to guide and nothing is impossible if you are with Him.  

As a whole,  the lecture theme about Christmas was a great reminder for all ... potluck was good ... and parlor games was fun.   What a simple but awesome advance celebration of Jesus special day.

I admired Sis Rie's tutorial for kids on how to make Christmas tree.  That was a real pure idea.  

 Our group Christmas gift to our ever kind Pastor Renbert

The poster i was asked to make in just a night before the party ... i dunno where i am getting my energy and idea ... welcome back Mel to your old world!  loool! 
  It's Isaiah 9:6

 I have nothing to offer to our dear Almighty Jesus on His birthday 
but to worship Him more than anything else xx 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Multicultural Fair in Hamamatsu

Today is our first performance for Shizuoka Prefecture's project Multicultural Fair.
This was held in Aoen in Hamamatsu.
We're all 8 countries that introduced our cultures.


We're the last performers ... we introduced Philippine cultures thru slides...

and end up in performing bamboo dance.

audience participation 


Korean traditional costume courtesy of our Korean friends

Annyeong-haseyo :)

after the event ... our group had dinner together in one of the Izakaya restaurant we found in Hamamatsu Station ... it was an expensive dinner but really worthy xx 
since we are in Hamamatsu ... we did not miss to eat thier famous Unagi ... so yummy! 

So there ... seems all we earned for today just gone like a wind ... 
but thinking about the fun and experience we had ... we're all satisfied :)
See u all again on January in Shizuoka Markis xx

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I hate goodbyes

It's difficult to say goodbye 

especially that we both spent a long time together as good buddies. 

You never let me truly down

And i am truly grateful for your being so good to me. 

How many times you comfort me every time i cry to you? 

You drove me around 

Bring me to a peaceful place to cheer me up

and pampered me with my fav music

I don't really want to say goodbye 

I don't really want to leave you 

But sooner from now

I must stay away from you forever ...

What we had was something special 

Deep down from our hearts 

But now i have to let you go away 

And leave you from my heart. 

Goodbye my dear buddy ... 

I will treasure our 4 years of being together and those good memories we shared 

All the best to you... wherever u will go 

You will be missed a lot ... my X-TRAIL dear xxx

Monday, December 08, 2014

First Philippine Fest in Shizuoka

Pistang Pinoy in Shizuoka that was held yesterday, December 7th in Aoba Symbol Road was a blast!
We are blessed with beautiful fine weather ... great unity and cooperation of everyone.
Huge thanks to all for your help and support.  We love you all! 


A souvenir pic with Philippine Ambassador Lopez 
before i drove him and his staff to Shizuoka Station.

...with Shizuoka City Mayor Tanabe

Philippine NAKAMA Organization is thanking our main sponsor, SBI Remit and also our minor sponsors, donors, performers, volunteers, Philippine Embassy, Shizuoka City and everyone who graced the event ...
Thank you all for making Pistang Pinoy a great success.   

with my co-advicer Ann, over-all coordinator of Pistang Pinoy ...
thanks to all your effort dear xx

more photos in FB

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Jacky's Japan visit

My cousin's daughter Jacky from Vancouver visited us here in Japan since last week and just flew back tonight to Canada  ...   

Actually, when i went to Vancouver 4 years ago ... i stayed to their home sweet home in Richmond and they were my guide during my stay there ... they even took me to Seattle, USA ... their hospitality was really great!  

Now it's payback time !   Well, i just did ... and thanks to Sachan and Pappie for the super support they did ... Jacky said she had a great time here in Japan and she will be back hopefully next year to explore from Kyoto to Okinawaaaaa???!!!  Heheh ... that sounds cool dear.
We will miss u Jacky ... all the days we spent together with you was truly fun... please come back soon here!  

Omikuji--- sacred lot!  I hope you will both have a super good blessings! ;) 

The faithful dog --- Hachiko (CHUUKEN HACHIKO) 
Shibuya crossing
Yaaay ... Jacky is not on diet !!! 

A romantic atmosphere of Odaiba at night ... too bad we all have no boyfriends ... where are our boyfriends gone???  

Fuji TV

Me and Sachan's fav ... "Dear Sister" <3 div="" nbsp="">

Fuji Network FNS Charity Campaign ... thank you for the support! 

One thing we enjoyed in Odaiba is our visit to Madame Tussauds Tokyo Exhibit

My idol is Jacky's idol too ! 

My idoOol Jacky meets my niece Jacky!

old Odaiba image
she's down!  

 It was rainy and foggy day but the moment Pappie drove Jacky to Mt. Fuji ... she showed up --- lucky you Jacky! 
Like mother ... like daughter :D


I can't barely walk this day ...but still i can drive! :P

Yakiniku !!! 

This was Jacky's unforgetable moments in Japan ... her first unexpected experience in ONSEN! :D

Jacky said ... if she will get marry ... she wants someone like Pappieee ...
I salute ... so don't wonder why he is my BFF!!! 

My nieces and daughter xx 

Adam's Family ... mixed culture version :D

See you soon Jacky! 

Waaa...  i hate wheelchair ... but it can't be helped... loool! 
 Hey Jacky... I hope next time we meet ... there will be no more accident for me so i can walk normally and guide you anywhere you want ... nway ... thanks for the 2 consecutive shots from my doc ... the moment you leave ... it was like a miracle--- i can run again!  Yaaay ... i am ready for all the works and events waiting for me this weekend ;-)