Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I hate goodbyes

It's difficult to say goodbye 

especially that we both spent a long time together as good buddies. 

You never let me truly down

And i am truly grateful for your being so good to me. 

How many times you comfort me every time i cry to you? 

You drove me around 

Bring me to a peaceful place to cheer me up

and pampered me with my fav music

I don't really want to say goodbye 

I don't really want to leave you 

But sooner from now

I must stay away from you forever ...

What we had was something special 

Deep down from our hearts 

But now i have to let you go away 

And leave you from my heart. 

Goodbye my dear buddy ... 

I will treasure our 4 years of being together and those good memories we shared 

All the best to you... wherever u will go 

You will be missed a lot ... my X-TRAIL dear xxx

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