Thursday, December 04, 2014

Jacky's Japan visit

My cousin's daughter Jacky from Vancouver visited us here in Japan since last week and just flew back tonight to Canada  ...   

Actually, when i went to Vancouver 4 years ago ... i stayed to their home sweet home in Richmond and they were my guide during my stay there ... they even took me to Seattle, USA ... their hospitality was really great!  

Now it's payback time !   Well, i just did ... and thanks to Sachan and Pappie for the super support they did ... Jacky said she had a great time here in Japan and she will be back hopefully next year to explore from Kyoto to Okinawaaaaa???!!!  Heheh ... that sounds cool dear.
We will miss u Jacky ... all the days we spent together with you was truly fun... please come back soon here!  

Omikuji--- sacred lot!  I hope you will both have a super good blessings! ;) 

The faithful dog --- Hachiko (CHUUKEN HACHIKO) 
Shibuya crossing
Yaaay ... Jacky is not on diet !!! 

A romantic atmosphere of Odaiba at night ... too bad we all have no boyfriends ... where are our boyfriends gone???  

Fuji TV

Me and Sachan's fav ... "Dear Sister" <3 div="" nbsp="">

Fuji Network FNS Charity Campaign ... thank you for the support! 

One thing we enjoyed in Odaiba is our visit to Madame Tussauds Tokyo Exhibit

My idol is Jacky's idol too ! 

My idoOol Jacky meets my niece Jacky!

old Odaiba image
she's down!  

 It was rainy and foggy day but the moment Pappie drove Jacky to Mt. Fuji ... she showed up --- lucky you Jacky! 
Like mother ... like daughter :D


I can't barely walk this day ...but still i can drive! :P

Yakiniku !!! 

This was Jacky's unforgetable moments in Japan ... her first unexpected experience in ONSEN! :D

Jacky said ... if she will get marry ... she wants someone like Pappieee ...
I salute ... so don't wonder why he is my BFF!!! 

My nieces and daughter xx 

Adam's Family ... mixed culture version :D

See you soon Jacky! 

Waaa...  i hate wheelchair ... but it can't be helped... loool! 
 Hey Jacky... I hope next time we meet ... there will be no more accident for me so i can walk normally and guide you anywhere you want ... nway ... thanks for the 2 consecutive shots from my doc ... the moment you leave ... it was like a miracle--- i can run again!  Yaaay ... i am ready for all the works and events waiting for me this weekend ;-)  

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