Saturday, December 13, 2014

Multicultural Fair in Hamamatsu

Today is our first performance for Shizuoka Prefecture's project Multicultural Fair.
This was held in Aoen in Hamamatsu.
We're all 8 countries that introduced our cultures.


We're the last performers ... we introduced Philippine cultures thru slides...

and end up in performing bamboo dance.

audience participation 


Korean traditional costume courtesy of our Korean friends

Annyeong-haseyo :)

after the event ... our group had dinner together in one of the Izakaya restaurant we found in Hamamatsu Station ... it was an expensive dinner but really worthy xx 
since we are in Hamamatsu ... we did not miss to eat thier famous Unagi ... so yummy! 

So there ... seems all we earned for today just gone like a wind ... 
but thinking about the fun and experience we had ... we're all satisfied :)
See u all again on January in Shizuoka Markis xx

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