Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Travel in Canada

Ohhhh... I love travelling!!! This year of July, I had a chance to travel for two weeks in Canada ;-) It was soooo great. I visited Vancouver and Toronto.

... and I love to thank all my wonderful relatives and friends out there for making my trip a very memorable one <3

Steveston Fishermen's Wharf, Richmond, Vancouver, Canada Vancouver, CanadaButchart Garden, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Thru my ever kind cousin ate Ophel and lovely nieces-- Kath, Jack and Darling's effort... i was able to visit Seattle's downtown too...Space Needle, Seattle, USA

Over looking scene from CN Tower, Toronto Canada

Toronto's CN Tower at night

Meeeee at my friends and family-like wedding in TorontoNiagara Falls, Canada ... Canada... i'll be back again someday!!!

How i learned to mind my own business!!!

I was walking past a mental hospital and
all the patients were yelling 13..13...13..13...13..

The fence was too high to see over so I put my eye to a hole in the fence
to see what was going on. I was promptly poked in the eye with a stick
and they all started yelling 14..14...14...14...14...14... they got meeeee ugh!!! :D)))