Saturday, February 22, 2014

Taking a break !

Sometimes we need a break from our long days of work ... 
Today i had no work ... and without any plan ... i went out early in the morning with Dang and Joy ... shifted my car from 2WD to 4WD and we went driving to the mountains of Umegashima.  It usually took about an hour to reach the mountain but this time i only drove slowly that took us an hour and a half coz it was slippery and as we reached the top of the mountains... it was still snowing !!!  ... good chance for Dang to see lots of snow for the first time in her life.   

 Stopping over Akamizu Falls

 group souvenir

 Winter scene of Akamizu Falls....    smileeeee girls!

 wala lang :P

 Dang and Joy and my buddy X-trail

 enjoying the snow


Dang:  can i take this home as a souvenir ?

 driving is fun! 

 lunch time at Umegashima Onsen

 Umegashima's fav Japanese meal set

 before dipping to hot spring 

 after a dipped 

 snow everywhere


 chisaii no shiawase


We strolled around and enjoyed the snow ... then we had typical Japanese lunch in Umegashima Onsen -- one of the famoust hot spring in Umegashima.  After lunch, we did not miss the chance to took a dip in hot soothing water ... was so relaxing and we enjoyed the mountain scene around covered with snow.  It was fantastic. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Asian Cuisine Class

It's holiday today ... nothing to do so i decided to attend the invitation of my Japanese friend Manami to her cooking class in Aicel 21 about Asian food cooking-- アジアお料理体験講座 wherein dishes from Afghanistan, Vietnam and Philippines was introduced and dessert was from Brazil (ironically it's not Asian heheh-- and dessert was did in another session as part of the class activity).     

 the class was participated by more than 20 people

 including kids ... with their moms


 my friend Manami hosting the class with International Education staff of Tokoha University 

cooking instructors  and the students 

 Vietnamese instructress teaching Nama Harumaki or fresh spring roll making

 my nama harumaki ... dekimashita!!! 

 The class was held in Aicel 21, Josei Kaikan in Aoi District, Shizuoka City today, Tuesday--Feb. 11.

 Dining and lecture time

4 dishes in one

I was just supposed to drop by but i dunno know ... i just found out that i became a part of the class because they have no representative from Philippines to teach the Ginataang Isda, a fish dish with coconut milk.   After the cooking lecture... there was a presentation of introducing each countries ... i never have any preparation about Philippines .... because I thought i was only invited for a visit ... but since i was already there...  i have no choice ... i also presented something about the Philippines and did some quizzes.   
Lesson i got:  anything goes... always be prepared ;-) 

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cheers... Philippine NAKAMA!!!

Finally .... Philippine NAKAMA Organization was recognized!!!  I would like to thank Shizuoka Association for International Relation (SIR) for their wonderful support to our group.  SIR was the main reason why we were able to received an award from Suruga Institute's yearly international exchange grant ... this year, Philippine NAKAMA was one of the recipient  of International Exchange Achievement Award (国際交流功労賞).
This is really an awesome honor for our NAKAMA group... our hardwork, effort and dedication to our group objective was finally officially rewarded ;-) 

Awarding ceremony was held in Suruga Bank Campus College in Nagaizumi-cho in Mishima City on February 7th, Friday. 

with my co-adviser, Liza

the certification and reward

with Kazuwara san, coordinator

with the Surugawa Institute chairman, Nakamura san

 Liza with the Asabata Vietnam Kai , the other group awardee

  with Megan and Markus, this year's foreign trainee awardee.

This year is the 13th year of NAKAMA, as founder and one of the adviser of the group, we will do our best to continue our voluntary support on contributing international exchange here in Japan.  Cheers to all!!! 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My Homeland... My Present Hometown Shizuoka City

The group Shizuoka EKOSETERA of Azarea headed by Mrs. Toshiko Erie sensei has published a booklet regarding Asian women's view about Japanese women and women from their respective countries.  
The booklet is in Japanese entitled Watashi no Umareta Kuni, Watashi no Sundeiru Shizuoka --My homeland, My present hometown Shizuoka City.
All interviewed Asian women were foreign resident from Shizuoka City.  I was one of those who had been interviewed by Mrs. Erie sensei representing the Philippines.  My article is "I want to be a bridge between Japan and Philippines".  

The booklet is out this February of this year and it is available for free in all libraries, community hall in Shizuoka City, Azarea and also in Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange (SAME).  

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Disaster Preparedness Seminar

In helping to create awareness and prepare foreign nationals living around Shizuoka City for disasters, Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange hosted another disaster preparedness seminar and workshop at SAME's main branch office in Aoi District today.  

The seminar and workshop featured bus tour in Suruga District regarding tsunami protection measures, games regarding disaster drills , first-aid, quizzes and things to prepare for emergency or evacuation purposes.    

bus tour on tsunami protection measures 
 Tomei Expressway norimen or slope for tsunami evacuation
from the slope view
 mochimune beach 

 sign board guide of tsunami evacuation buildings near the beach
tsunami evacuation building
 top of the building can occupy 500 people
view from the evacuation building 
 tsunami evacuation tower

 the tower is 13 meter tall 
 there are 21 towers along Suruga and Shimizu District
 working Sunday in the rain with Eri ;-)

 emergency meal 

 first-aid drill
use of Automated External Defibrillator or AED device 
 AED is a computerized, portable device that checks a person's heart rhythm and advises a first responder on whether or not an electric shock is needed. 
 disaster preparedness drill 

 water extinguisher game
 emergency medical dressing drill 
 things to prepare just in case of emergency

 group photo
Philippine NAKAMA group with the Bousai Kunren in-charge Yasumoto san

It was a rainy Sunday but thank God ... the attendance was perfect and the seminar was indeed interesting and fun xx