Sunday, February 02, 2014

Disaster Preparedness Seminar

In helping to create awareness and prepare foreign nationals living around Shizuoka City for disasters, Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange hosted another disaster preparedness seminar and workshop at SAME's main branch office in Aoi District today.  

The seminar and workshop featured bus tour in Suruga District regarding tsunami protection measures, games regarding disaster drills , first-aid, quizzes and things to prepare for emergency or evacuation purposes.    

bus tour on tsunami protection measures 
 Tomei Expressway norimen or slope for tsunami evacuation
from the slope view
 mochimune beach 

 sign board guide of tsunami evacuation buildings near the beach
tsunami evacuation building
 top of the building can occupy 500 people
view from the evacuation building 
 tsunami evacuation tower

 the tower is 13 meter tall 
 there are 21 towers along Suruga and Shimizu District
 working Sunday in the rain with Eri ;-)

 emergency meal 

 first-aid drill
use of Automated External Defibrillator or AED device 
 AED is a computerized, portable device that checks a person's heart rhythm and advises a first responder on whether or not an electric shock is needed. 
 disaster preparedness drill 

 water extinguisher game
 emergency medical dressing drill 
 things to prepare just in case of emergency

 group photo
Philippine NAKAMA group with the Bousai Kunren in-charge Yasumoto san

It was a rainy Sunday but thank God ... the attendance was perfect and the seminar was indeed interesting and fun xx

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