Saturday, February 22, 2014

Taking a break !

Sometimes we need a break from our long days of work ... 
Today i had no work ... and without any plan ... i went out early in the morning with Dang and Joy ... shifted my car from 2WD to 4WD and we went driving to the mountains of Umegashima.  It usually took about an hour to reach the mountain but this time i only drove slowly that took us an hour and a half coz it was slippery and as we reached the top of the mountains... it was still snowing !!!  ... good chance for Dang to see lots of snow for the first time in her life.   

 Stopping over Akamizu Falls

 group souvenir

 Winter scene of Akamizu Falls....    smileeeee girls!

 wala lang :P

 Dang and Joy and my buddy X-trail

 enjoying the snow


Dang:  can i take this home as a souvenir ?

 driving is fun! 

 lunch time at Umegashima Onsen

 Umegashima's fav Japanese meal set

 before dipping to hot spring 

 after a dipped 

 snow everywhere


 chisaii no shiawase


We strolled around and enjoyed the snow ... then we had typical Japanese lunch in Umegashima Onsen -- one of the famoust hot spring in Umegashima.  After lunch, we did not miss the chance to took a dip in hot soothing water ... was so relaxing and we enjoyed the mountain scene around covered with snow.  It was fantastic. 

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