Monday, March 03, 2014

Thank you Okaasan ...

I was 21 when i lost my mom ... losing a mother is difficult especially when my younger brother and sisters were so young that time... i really did miss her.  
Japan is my second home ... and i found another mom here ... my mom in law ... my okaasan.

Everyone says that it is common for a mother in law and daughter in law to have some misunderstandings or arguments but with my almost 25 years relationship with okaasan... we never have any conflict even once like others had experienced ... what i value to our relationship is that we both have respect to each other.

Okaasan was a smart and jolly woman ... she was blessed with many talents like her artistic writings in calligraphy and she was a good cook... she works hard, fashionable and sociable.  Some people misunderstood her and some were afraid to her because she talk so frank and straight ....  but to her family ... she was a sweet and responsible okaasan and obaasan (grandma) to all her grand kids. 

Throwback!!!  Bonding with okaasan after a year when otoosan passed away.

My mom in law, 90 years old died last Wednesday afternoon... February 26 in Shizuoka City Hospital from complication following pneumonia.  She has been also suffering from Alzheimer for some years now.  We are relieved that her passing was peaceful and painless.    

Memorial service was held for family and close relatives only in Hanazono Memorial Kaikan. 

"Though we will gonna miss u a lot ... 
it's really good that you are no longer in fear and in pain.

Rest in peace okaasan ...

Thank you for everything ... we love you xx" 

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  1. My sincere condolences. It is hard losing a mom. What a loving and sweet tribute to her.