Monday, November 05, 2012

I absolutely loved my trip in New Zealand

I arrived back from New Zealand after a wonderful 2 weeks trip.  It was even more awesome than I expected.  Everything went extremely well.   Thanks to my dear friend babe APE♪...i had a truly fantastic time with you.
 Lake Takepo↑
 Milford Sound↑
 Lake Pukaki↑
 Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch↑
 Te Anau↑
 Larnach Castle, Dunedin↑
Lake Takepo↑ 
Sky City, Auckland ↑
Sky City, Auckland↑
Mount Cook ↑
Te Anau↑
 Dining in Queenstown↑
On the way to Milford Sound ↑

New Zealand is blessed with gorgeous nature.  I enjoyed sightseeing and the friendly people we met there.  Accomodations and foods were great ... ummm what more could i ask?   

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My new Pentax camera

Here's an advance Christmas gift from my papieee...yippieeee...  the adventure compact digital camera of Pentax, Optio WG-2 .  This is perfect for traveling... waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, crushproof, coldproof ... wooow, what more could i ask?  heheh...  i spotted this camera long before and the first time i saw it ... i feel inlove with it but i can't buy it anymore coz i already have this Canon's EOS Kiss camera which i bought last year but still i am wanting to have a compact digital camera... so when we visited the camera shop last Monday... papie maybe pity me coz i been staring and holding this Pentax digital camera for so long and i kept telling him that i really love it and kidding him to please buy it for himself and please lend me ... then papie said ... <--ok, i will buy it for you as my advance Christmas gift ... OMG,  i overwhelmed of joy and really was soooo happy telling myself  <--got u my pentax ... your mine babe!!! ... heheh   
thanks a lot papieee...don't worry, i will lend you this sometimes if u need coz i know u don't have your own camera at the moment :P  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Words to live by ;-)

Lately... i am fond of collecting awesome pictures and add some inspiring quotes on it ... here are some of the samples <3>

Friday, February 10, 2012

Challenging SUDOKU

Finally... i can play SUDOKU now!!! One of my students in my Eikaiwa class, Nishijima san shared and teached my class today on how to play it and i found it so interesting.
Sudoku is a fun logic-based number placement puzzle. Using logical reasoning depends on player level, player will decide how to place numbers into Sudoku grid. It requires the player to fill in the 9x9 square grid with the numbers one to nine. The numbers should be arranged in such a way that each row, column and mini-grid contains one of each number. There is only one correct answer for each puzzle and no guessing is necessary. A single error in a Sudoku throws the whole game out.
Rules are easy to learn. Although Sudoku grids use numbers, we don't need mathematical skills to solve the puzzles. The more puzzle we, the better we become.
Sudoku was originated in Swiss, first published in America known as "Number Square" and popularized here in Japan and given the name Sudoku meaning single number.

First SUDOKU I challenged (right sheet) from Nakajima san... perfect! ;-)

This game is sooo interesting... perfect when we travel.... while we are waiting and bored ... and on rainy days maybe... lol
It is not only helps pass the time but also keeps our mind sharp coz it stimulates our brain cells.
This game is good for all ages. There are some levels ... the easy, average, hard and the evil level.
Well, I'm just learning now... still on easy level but i am beginning to love this game coz it's sooo fun and challenging... and yes, i think i need this kind of game coz like our bodies ... our brain needs excercise too ... especially not to mention that i am not getting younger anymore ... haiz!!! :D))

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life is short

“This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often.

If you don’t like something, change it.

If you don’t like your job, quit.

If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.

If you are looking for the love of your life, stop;

they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.

Stop over analyzing, life is simple. All emotions are beautiful.

When you eat, appreciate every last bite.

Open your mind, arms, and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences.

Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them.

Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself.

Some opportunities only come once; seize them.

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them,

so go out and start creating.

Live your dream, and wear your passion.

Life is short.”

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fight for it ...

"if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you its yours,
if it doesn't, it never was..."
i could relate to this... ummm but why would we let it go when it meant to be ...
... we must fight for it... never give up ;-)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Have a great year everyone... happy year 2012 !!!