Saturday, February 08, 2014

Cheers... Philippine NAKAMA!!!

Finally .... Philippine NAKAMA Organization was recognized!!!  I would like to thank Shizuoka Association for International Relation (SIR) for their wonderful support to our group.  SIR was the main reason why we were able to received an award from Suruga Institute's yearly international exchange grant ... this year, Philippine NAKAMA was one of the recipient  of International Exchange Achievement Award (国際交流功労賞).
This is really an awesome honor for our NAKAMA group... our hardwork, effort and dedication to our group objective was finally officially rewarded ;-) 

Awarding ceremony was held in Suruga Bank Campus College in Nagaizumi-cho in Mishima City on February 7th, Friday. 

with my co-adviser, Liza

the certification and reward

with Kazuwara san, coordinator

with the Surugawa Institute chairman, Nakamura san

 Liza with the Asabata Vietnam Kai , the other group awardee

  with Megan and Markus, this year's foreign trainee awardee.

This year is the 13th year of NAKAMA, as founder and one of the adviser of the group, we will do our best to continue our voluntary support on contributing international exchange here in Japan.  Cheers to all!!! 

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