Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Asian Cuisine Class

It's holiday today ... nothing to do so i decided to attend the invitation of my Japanese friend Manami to her cooking class in Aicel 21 about Asian food cooking-- アジアお料理体験講座 wherein dishes from Afghanistan, Vietnam and Philippines was introduced and dessert was from Brazil (ironically it's not Asian heheh-- and dessert was did in another session as part of the class activity).     

 the class was participated by more than 20 people

 including kids ... with their moms


 my friend Manami hosting the class with International Education staff of Tokoha University 

cooking instructors  and the students 

 Vietnamese instructress teaching Nama Harumaki or fresh spring roll making

 my nama harumaki ... dekimashita!!! 

 The class was held in Aicel 21, Josei Kaikan in Aoi District, Shizuoka City today, Tuesday--Feb. 11.

 Dining and lecture time

4 dishes in one

I was just supposed to drop by but i dunno know ... i just found out that i became a part of the class because they have no representative from Philippines to teach the Ginataang Isda, a fish dish with coconut milk.   After the cooking lecture... there was a presentation of introducing each countries ... i never have any preparation about Philippines .... because I thought i was only invited for a visit ... but since i was already there...  i have no choice ... i also presented something about the Philippines and did some quizzes.   
Lesson i got:  anything goes... always be prepared ;-) 

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