Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Happy October everyone!

Oh wow ... am I too busy last September and it just flew like that ??? 

I hope our October is off to a wonderful start...
This will be another busy month for me ... i am leaving Japan soon for another work with my Japanese friend.  I hope it's business with pleasures :P

I will also be busy with some other works and activities but still there is something more to look forward too ... my travel abroad with my precious daughter  ... 

Oh well ... i am also excited because autumn season is here again ... 
chill is in the air ... time to put on something warm... 
my camera is also ready for the autumn leaves ... yaaay i love the colors of autumn nature xx
An autumn greetings ... a cute present from my sweet friend Gunter kun made by chestnuts :) 
He said he make stuff like this during autumn since he was a kid. 
I am interested to learn and make one like this too ... hope he can teach me soon xx

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