Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer in Disney Resort

I had 3 days summer trip with my family in Tokyo Disney Resort. Yes... in Disney again coz my daughter Sachan really love this park... knowing that this year... she had been there for 4 times already!!! hehheh... Well, in her high school days... she used to go there for at least 6 times in a year :P
Summer... syempre maineeeeeet!!! So we enjoyed the splashing of water event in Disney Sea and Disneyland like "Dale and Chip's Cool Service" show and the "Cool the Heat" show.
Sachan's classmate-- cutie Mika chan with her lovely mom were staying in Hotel Miracosta that time and we had this chance to bond together watching "Bon Fire Dance" show and had fun riding at Indiana Jones adventures. The next day... we met them again in Disneyland after watching "Cool the Heat" show.
We all strolled in Ekspiri on our 3rd day... before Sachan left for Niigata City... ... hmmm... it's still summer but the fashion displays were for autumn already.
We all separated in the afternoon... Sachan went back to Niigata City coz her school will start this Monday... while me and hubs went back to Shizuoka City...
Whaaaaa... the summer fun was over with Sachan... geee... gonna miss my girl again... in fact i am missing her already... till we see you again Sachan and take care always!!!

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