Thursday, August 26, 2010

Philipine Travel 2010

Hello everyone^^
I'm back safe and sound with Sachan from our 10 days super duper trip in the Philippines.
We had a great time with my family... my friends and my relatives.

We explored Boracay this time and it's soooo awesome.

I loved the musical play--- CATS. I was lucky to see it with Sachan, Emily, Kath and Debbie held in Cultural Center of the Philippines!
I loved Lea Salonga who played one of the leading role. It was very amazing when she performed the song "Memory" ... sooo clear and touching.
One thing for sure that i will not forget with this travel was my reunion with my teenage friends--- the ESCAMADIANs. Ohhh my gosh... it's sooo nice to see them after about 30 years. Obviously we are not that young anymore but still... they are my dear friends i used to know.

Too bad we were not complete that time coz some of our members were living abroad already and some were hard to contact and the gathering was also held on working days... but still lots of us came!!! Ohhh... I am thankful to everyone... who joined, cooperated and supported that event. I love you all guys... looking forward to our grand reunion!!!
By the way... I would like to extend my heartful thanks to my BBF Edna... i loved our date, i missed many stories of our ... you take care of yourself always especially your health.
I loved my dinner date with the Escamadian ladies-- peppi, tey, nids, susan and edna... you're all really funny and sweet and crazy!!! Thanks to all your souvenirs...hehheh^^

I love you too Peppie... i found a new sis in you!!! Direk Reddie, get well soon... Myno-- that was a great speech! Roel and Susan-- thanks for the wonderful support u extend to our charity program.... and yes to everybody... super kayo^^

I also miss my family especially the kids-- KDC, Emil and Kricel...
Sooo many things to share... so excited to share them all to you peps but i need to cut this for a while coz i need to upload more pix first...
some pix are posted in my facebook profile already.

to be continued... m(_ _)m

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