Sunday, May 09, 2010

All about my Golden Week

Golden Week in Japan is a weeklong series of holidays that starts from last week of April and end up to first week of May.
GW this year started April 29th, the Showa Day... then May 3rd, the constitution Day, May 4th is Greenery Day and May 5th is Children's Day.

I used to travel with my family during GW... but i tell you... it's overflowing with people everywhere and the traffic is too crowded. Not to memtion that it's costly to travel during GW. Sooo... lately we used to spend it just relaxing at home and exploring some new spot around our place.

This GW... i enjoyed it with my hubs dining around the city and with friends doing and attending some activities.

April 29th, I visited my Japanese friend Masui san's new opened typical candy store. What's interesting with her store is that aside from Japanese typical confectionaries... it also have some sweets from other countries like Philippines. I posted more details about this below this post.
The following day... Sunday... i attended with my friends Precy, Maritess and my cutie Maika chan the Fiesta event in Shimizu Catholic Church. It was our kababayans first try to held this event in Shimizu but fortunately, it went fine with the cooperations of everyone from Shimizu church... good job guys :) It's also nice to see some Phil NAKAMA participated the event.
We were not able to finished the Fiesta event... coz we need to represent the Phil NAKAMA for the invitation of Mochizuki san's group, the Int'l Stationary Exchange Group at World Zoo Art Exhibit in Link Nishina. Two years ago, Phil NAKAMA supported their art exhibit in Philippines and this year, the exhibit was held in Thailand.
The next day, May 3rd... my hubs and i have a relaxation date in SURUGA KENKO LANDO in Okitsu. It was very crowded but we still enjoyed our spa and our lunch there. After our spa date... we picked up my friend Liza dowtown and we have dinner together in Royal Host. We enjoyed talking for maybe about 3 hours. What a long dinner time... hahahha:) Well... the following day, 4th of May... with my niece Belinda and her hubs uncle Jo decided to drive and visit our relatives... Abby and Miko in Kikugawa. It was a good chance coz Miko's mom is already leaving Japan for Philippines that coming Saturday so our gathering there turned out not only as welcome party for us but also a sayonara party for mom Cathy.
Ohhh... it's really nice to have bonding with relatives from time to time. Thanks to the warm reception by everyone out there including to Jan, Jenny and little Michael kun. We have typical Pinoy seafood dinner together... ummm was great... missing to have them again as well as i am missing our bondings there :D

Well... the rest of the holidays was spent by watching movies in DVDs at home. I was able to buy "Avatar" and "Up" dvd. OMOSHIROKATTTTTA :)
"Avatar" reminds me of Star Wars and Lord of the Ring in terms of special effect... well, maybe more advance tech. The story is also nice... reminds me of the history of American Indian vs the English people. It's like the movie... Dance with the Wolves and Princess Mononoke, one of Japanese quality animation movie :)
I also love "Up"... it's a cute and heartfelt adventure animated movie.
I was able to watch "The Shawshank Redemption" thru net. I know it's a worth watching movie and i always wanted to watch it. Ohhh well, thanks to my online friend Shane for reminding me to watch it... finally i did it :)

Ohhh it's a great movie about hope, friendship, salvation and yes... redemption. There are many good and cool lines or quotes there too... like "Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" ... Love it :)

Well... that's how i spent my GW this year... if there is one thing i missed... it's surely my daughter Sachan... like last year she was not able to spent GW with us due to her club activities at her university. Hopefully... next year ;)

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