Saturday, May 01, 2010

Chikyuu no Koe

A Japanese friend... Masui san had just opened last April 22 a candy store with communication and recreation ground for kids, named DAGASHI YA HIROBA... CHIKYUU NO KOE or Earth's voice.
Masui san is related to multicultural information and assistance activities and she's being supported by her co-voluntary group.
The interesting part on her newly opened candy store is that you can enjoy varieties of candy and other sweet goods not only from Japan but also from different countries.
Every kids even their parents can have a chance to play with different kind of games from different countries too. Sometimes there are some native foreigners who will be present there to introduce their native games.
Oh yesss... there is also a corner there like a little library where kids can enjoy reading.

Well... i was not there on the opening... but i was able to visit the place today.
I am surprised coz the candy store is busy with customers today. Glad to see Kamiyama san around... one of the volunteer staff and a friend too... and I am glad I was able to help around introducing the Philippine sweets and intertaining some kids ... hehehh.
Opppsss... just a reminder... when I was there a TV staff and reporter Suzuki san from SBS were coveraging the candy store and they will aired that on May 5, Children's Day at 6:00 SBS News... so if u all got the chance to view it... please do so... hmmm... i was being interviewed too... but i am not happy coz i'm too haggard and not a telegenic... hahahhah!
If you have a chance to visit the place... it's located in 7-20 Miyamoto cho, Suruga District. Open from 14:30-18:00, Monday, Thursday and Saturday only. Closed during holidays.
Yoroshiku :)

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