Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aussie Adventure

Hello everyone! I'm back from a week travel in Australia! It was a great adventure for me... :D I loved all the states i visited like Sydney, Ayers Rock and Adelaide.
I met a lot of beautiful people from my tour and of course... i would like to thank my dear friend Daisy who gave me a wonderful treat in Adelaide with her friends.
Likewise, i would like to congratulate her and my friend Manny coz they'll be getting married on December in the Philippines... wooow... omedetou to both of you and another exciting news i've heard was that i am one of their ninang to-be... yeheeey! Well... best wishes guys. You both deserve each other. All the best!
Well... back to my trip... when i was there... it was always raining especially in Sydney and Adelaide... but everytime i went out from the hotel... believe it or not... it became sunny or should i say fine weather... ummm... i didn't thought i'm HARE ONNA ... hehehh :)
Well... it was a blessings anyway... lucky me!
I can't think of any hassles on my trip except for the time scheds of my tour... sleeping hours were not enough... love to sleep pa naman when you are tired :P
Oh well... i took a lot of pics so please just take a look... i think my pics will help to tell you more about my escapades there.
All i can say is that i did enjoy every moment that i spent there. This is a new and unforgetable kind of trip for me :P


Ayers Rock



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