Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cross-cultural experiences

Goodness... it's sizzling hooooot lately... but it's not an excuse not to keep on going...
well, this time... i did some cross-cultural activities for kids.

Last Tuesday... I teached Philippine Culture in Sodeshi Elementary School in Shimizu District with my friends Deriff from Nepal and U-san from Myanmar under the supervision of EGG- Education by Global Group.
This is our one way of providing Japanese kids some knowledge about different cultures and traditions from other countries in order to develop more understanding and respect among each other... ano pa nga ba... heheheh...
Oh well, was a great day to teach... seems i was showering with my own sweat inside the classroom... coz... it's really hooooot... heheh.
Thanks to my facilitators-- Noriko and Koyanagi san for their great support in my lecture.
I introduced to the kids this game "Jack's stone"... as usual they loved it and everyone were asking me where they can buy that game stuff... hahhaha... sponsors, anyone?

nway... another international event that i attended was this Picture Story-Book Reading session held in Azarea today.
My ever kind-hearted Japanese friend-- Kawamura san of セブの少女たちに布地を送る会-- it's her volunteer group name... introduced me to her friends-- Koumura san and Hamada san who translated in Japanese and published the one of Filipino great picture story-book entitled "May mga Lihim Kami Ni Ingkong" or "Secrets of Lolo" and in Japanese... they actually changed the title to " Ojisan no Boshi' ... in English... it's "Grandpa's hat".

Well to cut the story short... the translated book is out now in the market this July and they're promoting this book lately... and since it's a Philippine book orig... they invited me for impromptu reading in Tagalog... while someone read it in Japanese. Wooow... i did recite it with my heart... and the feedback was that they loved the expressions in Tagalog^^ ... good that i was also trained as a radio talent on my college days... hahhaha :P

Truth was it's my first time to read that "Secret of Lolo"... wooow very impressive story... it touched my heart too and can't helped to fall my tears in the end coz i have same experience with the leading kid regarding my mom-in-law... it's actually a story of a close grandpa and his grandson... that one day becoz of old age... grandpa lost his memories and can't even recognized the kid... and the kid can't take it... coz they're very close. 'cant tell the whole story... you better buy a copy in the bookstore... hahhahh. I actually bought some copies to give away to all my "inaanak".

I also invited the Japanese publishers to Shizuoka International Fest on October to introduced the book to the public with Phil NAKAMA group.

After the session... i was surprised to see the Shizuoka YWCA group doing plea market at the event. Well... i was with their group long time ago but i am not active anymore due to my hectic world... heheh... but ohhh... it's nice to see them... it's nice to see old wonderful familiar faces.

That's it... my overall cross cultural experiences lately was fabulous... was also quite a good education for me... :)

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