Monday, July 19, 2010

Coast to coast

Got some refreshing days from my 3 days holidays that started last Saturday and ended up today... Monday. I invited my hubs for driving from coast to coast... hahhaha^^... we started last Saturday in Omaezaki... ahhh the beach resort is natsukashiiii... maybe the last time i have been there was about 15 years ago... yup when Sachan was a kid, we used to go there every summer.
One thing different from before is that there are too many Brazilians around... cool!
Late afternoon, hubs and I proceeded to Shizuoka Apita.. we shopped and had our dinner there... we had hiyashi soba and jyajya men... wooow... it's really summer!!!
Last Sunday... hubs and i went driving in Izu. We went to Ito Marine Town. We also visited my Indonesian friend Danny to his working place... in SuruBaya Indonesian Restaurant inside the Marine Town building. We also had our lunch there... ohhh i love their tapioka with coconut ice cream. I would like to thank Danny for his Bali Cope treat... was good... like Philippine barako coffee... gochisosama deshita.
After lunch... hubs and I went to Seaside Spa within the facility. Ohhh... it was sooo refreshing. Seems i fully refilled all my energy for the coming weeks... heheh.
Then today... we headed driving in Shimizu... we're suppose to visit Shimizu S-Pulse but the parking spaces were fully packed... sooo... we just drove around Shimizu port and then we headed to Kunozan coast and end up in Sumpu Yume Hiroba. The Spa there is on new management so we get inside to experienced what's the difference from before... well, nothing much... but maybe better than before... i love the restaurant most... the foods are great.
They have some special show this time... they featured the ninja performance of Hiroz.

I am very thankful to my best friend... my hubs for keeping me company. 'was a wonderful vacation... was a good idea to escape from stress and worries in life^^

enjoy your summer everyone!!!

oh my goodness... negra na naman ako... hehehh!!!

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  1. Long time no see Mel!!!

    Good for you, you're enjoying your life.

    I think you needed it and you deserved it.

    But i'm always wondering, why you never post other comments here?

    I miss u friend. Call me sometimes.

    Best regards,