Saturday, April 18, 2015

Torn between two cute puppies xx

After our beloved Lucky, a Labrador Retriever ...
This time Sachan and I wants a medium-sized doggie.

Sachan wants Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because they are well proportioned doggie.
She likes their silky medium hair ... and she is eager, active, affectionate and happy dog.  
They are easy to train too.   

while on the other hand... i want Beagle because she's a hound type.
I like her pendant ears too ... and Beagle's short haired coat seems easy to look after. 
They said that Beagles are sweet, gentle and smarty xx

Wooow this gonna be a tough decision ...
they are both so  cute ...

i wish we are rich so we could buy them all lol :P

ummm ... we might end up in Pomeranian which is a spitz type and also in our list ... lol 
let's see ... we are not in a hurry anyway coz we will be busy from now on ... 
not bad to have a day dream sometimes ... 
but who knows !!!  :P

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