Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy day celebration!

Another birthday event! Yes... this time, it's Liza, Dang and Marissa's birthday celebration held in Takamatsu Park, Suruga District last Sunday, August 12.
Happy birthday Liza... your pink polo is back!Did you like your T-back bikini... Marissa!
Wish you a healthy baby... Dang ! Ganbatte uncle JO p(^-^)qIt's Philippine barbeque! Masarap!↓ Badminton time...hit it, Tess!
... it's yours Jo!
" Thank you" message from Lilia...Kampai!!!
In line with the event was the preparation meeting for the up coming event of Philippine NAKAMA's 6th anniversary and Induction Ceremony of New Officers and members. There was distributions of event tickets too... anyone wants to buy?!

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