Monday, March 10, 2008

SAME moved in CCC

From Denden Bldg., SAME or Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange had just been moved to a new location. It's in Otemachi at Shizuoka City Center of Created Communication or simply CCC. The place was the former Aoba Elementary School in Sumpu vicinity.
My last day of work at SAME Office in Denden Bldg.
SAME office started to move in CCC Bldg. last March 1st. It was opened from March 3rd while I started working there last Tuesday. Unlike in Denden Bldg., the place was a little bit far from downtown but I'll surely get used to it. I hope our visitors will feel the same way too.
The new office looks like an exclusive room and I find it difficult for the visitors to enter. It is better if they'll have a counter or windows like before.
The good point is that the new place have a parking lot... meaning, I can already use my car during rainy days!
Group shot after our radio recording today
The new SAME office at CCC is in the 1F left side
By the way... it's the season of pollen allergy... so don't forget to wear a mask everytime you go out and take extra care!

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