Monday, November 24, 2008

Sachan turns 20!

Papie and I met Sachan in Tokyo last Friday for our 3 days family travel as papie's treat to Sachan's 20th bday on November 25th. We held the celebration in Tokyo Disney.
We stayed in Disney Hotel, then the next day... we transfered to Tokyo Bay Hilton wherein we used to stay during Sachan's childhood days. NATSUKASHII datta but unfortunately... Sachan never remember it anymore... GAKKARI! (笑)
Anyway... we will miss Sachan's main event tomorrow but still... have a blessed birthday SACHAN! Mhwaaaaaaah! (^3^)/ moooooore pictures to come...
BTW: Belated birthday greetings also to my late mother (11/22)... good to hear that Leng and family had a picnic with her at the cemetery inspite of the rain!
Advance greetings to Sonny (11/30) and Leng (12/4) too! Wow... too much celebrants these days! Many happy returns folks!

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