Monday, September 12, 2011

A day to remember with the Philippine NAKAMA Organization

Wooohooo...thanks be to God and Allah... yesterday, my group here in Shizuoka City, the Philippine NAKAMA Organization celebrated our 10th anniversary thru a dinner gathering at Shizuoka Aoi Tower's Grandair Bouquet Tokai ... it was a blast!!! Imagine... it has been 10 years already since i founded our awesome group??? ohhh gosh ... time goes so quickly! What's soooo surprising is that our group made it to be there for 10 years already... woooow that is amazing ... we encountered lots of challenges, good and bad experiences, ups and down... marami rin ang mga naging pasaway.... but still we are heeeeere .... and that's because of the cooperation, effort, unity and support of one another. Well, yes... we are still here probably mainly because our objectives is really something good for the sake of the Filipino community here in Japan... mostly here in Shizuoka City.
With that... may we all continue and reach another 10 years of our good working relationships towards our common objectives especially on promoting the Philippine cultures and creating a spirit of friendship with the Filipino community as well as with the international groups and Japanese in general. May we also continue and support the Philippine NAKAMA Scholarship Program for the less fortunate Japanese- Filipino Children in the Philippines.

It's me posing with the lovely new batch dancers of Phil NAKAMA and with my Recognition Certificate from the group as "Most Outstanding NAKAMA-JIN"... thank u all <3 My sincere thanks to everyone who gave their support to make the celebration a success and special thanks to our very own Philippine Embassy Consul General, Mr. Sulficio Confiado with his wife, Priscilla Confiado for gracing our big event and to all our beloved friends and guest who came and celebrate with us.

The gathering also featured our events and activities for this past 10 years thru slides... it was nostalgic to see us 10 years ago ... ahhh... i was young then ... hahah... and it's funny how we changed for this past 10 years... as from slim to being chubby or bulky... our wrinkles... other loose their hairs :D))) ... growth of our kids ... old faces ... and amazing to see how we developed our group. I am so happy that we are still growing and still have such a great family feeling. Again... thank you to all my co-advisers and officers of NAKAMA for providing such a great leadership in such a growing group. Not an easy task!!!

Thank u all for believing us ... for understanding and supporting us !!!

Mabuhay tayong lahat!!!

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