Friday, December 27, 2013

All about BONENKAI

One of the busiest month in Japan is December...  there are many gatherings here and there  .  This is the month for Bonenkai which means year-end party of company and groups to thank co-workers, collegue, mates and group friends for the past years and look forward to success for the next year.  

Here are some of the Bonenkai i attended this year...

 Year End gathering with my EIKAIWA class 
Held in Ume No Hana Japanese Restaurant in Matsuzakaya, 20th of December 

Year-end gathering with close friends and family

Held at Manju's Spice Cafe Modhaju on Christmas day

 Year-end gathering with my co-workers at SAME 
 Held in Vin Vino Italian Restaurant in Ryougae-cho on 26th of December

Year-end gathering with EGG

 Held on 24th of December at Kominkan Hall 

Bonenkai and Christmas gathering with JCOB Shizuoka 

Held in Mochimune Hall on 8th of December

 Year-end and Christmas gathering with my group-- Philippine NAKAMA Organization 
 Held in Coupole Kaikan on December 15th

Well ... it was really a busy December for me ... i did enjoy all the BONENKAI... including the Christmas gatherings i attended ... it also cost me a lot lol but really OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA ... MATA RAINEN MO ... GANBARIMASU NO DE ... MINASAN, YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU ^_^ 

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