Saturday, March 12, 2016

ODEN Festival in Aoba Symbol Road

I been walking for a month ... and i still enjoying it ... my breathing gets better lately but to see the whole result of this effort will takes about 3 months according to all my experienced friends ...  looking forward on May!  
While walking tonight ... i happened to passed by at ODEN MATSURI or Oden Festival downtown.
Oden is a traditional Japanese style hot pot dish or Japanese stew consisting of several ingredients like fishcakes, daikon, eggs, konnyaku and simmered in dashi. 

(Oden image)
Oden Festival is a 3 days event every year.   
Oden is usually perfect to eat during cold days and it's best serve with beer.   
Like tonight ... seems winter came back again coz it's really cold tonight ...
no wonder why there were so many office workers after their work---  they flocked at the event for some beers with oden.  
I wanted to buy some ... but i controlled myself ... 
i don't want to eat after dinner as much as possible ;-) 

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