Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A beautiful cave to visit in Virginia

Shenandoah Cavern is an underground cave in Virginia. 

This natural wonder cave was gorgeous and interesting! You got to see for yourself. 

There was an elevator to get down to the caverns... it was about 220 feet according to our guide. 

In an hour adventure... i got the chance to see the different parts of the caverns and interesting shapes formations which is composed of minerals with water droplets mixture.  This formations took hundreds of years to form.

The temperature down the cave is cool ... It's about 54F or 12C the entire time. 

There are many unique formations ... and they are amazing!!!



Rainbow room ...  reflections


 Oriental Tea Garden

The bacon sheets which was featured in National Geographic Magazine in 1964. 

In addition to the caverns there are also other attractions to see in the same area.

Overall I really enjoyed the caverns.

Worth seeing once in your life

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