Sunday, October 16, 2016

Adventure in Singapore and Malaysia

Thanks be to God to my wonderful and blessed trip in Singapore and Malaysia with my BFF and sisters ---Lolit and Anabel and of  course with my new dear friend ... Pastora Dulce. 
We encountered a lot of challenges and trials in this travel but thanks to our faith and perseverance ... through our prayers everything turned out to be a cool experiences and warm memories to us.  
God never give us trials that we can not solve ...  to God be the glory! 

God is for us and no enemy can stand against us. 
"If God is for us who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)
Mt. Fuji at dawn

Lolit and Anabel were supposed to be with me in my latest  America travel for our reunion with our BFF Maryann and Christy but due to some reasons they did not make it ... 
but in exchange ... we did travel together in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam!
Maryann and Christy missed this ... wondering when can we be all together again!!!
Our bonus travel in Hanoi, Vietnam! 
My part time job in Hanoi ... fruit vendor!  lol

Exploring Singapore 
Chillin' out at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore at night

Exploring Malaysia

Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur 

Langkawi Island
Over looking view from Ocean Residence Resort
  Our resort house and rented car at Ocean Residence Resort! 

Langkawi Bermata Kedah beach ... while waiting for the boat for our island hopping!  

 Ready for island hopping! 

 Challenge swimming at more than 16 (?!!) feet deep lake in Tasik Dayang Bunting. 

Monkeys are all over the island 

 Enjoying driving around Langkawi 

Langkawi Geo Park  

Cable Car 

Blessed Sunday Worship Service at Bethany Church Singapore.
 A visit to the Garden by the Bay 

Bright day at Resort World Sentosa 

We stayed in Resort World Festive Hotel in Sentosa ...  cooling off at the hotel pool side.
Our sweet daughter and guide Debbie-- Pastora Dulce's niece in Singapore ... good luck to your studies in Oxford University in London sweetie!  

Back to Hanoi, Vietnam
 Vietnam Pho is great! 
 Hanging out at Old Quarter 

Back to Japan! 
Away from home for more than a week ...
and all we can think of first is to eat RAMEN!

There's no place like homeeeeee!!! Hahahah!!!

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