Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Hello February!

It's start of February today ...  i had an appointment to make in the afternoon so i decided to use my bike coz i really need to stretch out and work out ... even it's cold outside!

On the way home ... i passed to Sumpujo Park ... and here's what i found out ... cherry blossoms in winter!!!  

Cherry blossoms 

I was actually confused if it's really cherry blossoms coz it usualy bloom on springs.  I thought it could be plum blossoms which usually bloom at this season.  

Plum blossom

However, i learned from my Japanese students that cherry blossoms have split at the end of each petals whereas plum blossoms don't have ... so i convinced myself that it's really cherry blossoms because the petals have splits. 

 white plum blossoms

Oh well...  time really flies sooo fast ... imagine it's February already!!!
i hope this February will be another good month for all of us xxx

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