Monday, April 24, 2017

Suspension bridge thrilling adventure

The amazing view at Yume no tsuribashi (suspension bridge) in Kawane

Had this about 8 km hike back and forth just to reach this marvelous 90 meter long and 10 meter above the amazing emerald green lake suspension bridge. 
I am scared of heights but i challenged to cross the bridge.  Only 10 people are allowed to cross at a time ... the bridge is too narrow as expected and it was swaying as you walk!  I even had no time to look at the beautiful view around but it was really a fun experience. 
I did stand that scary bridge but what made me shocked most was the way back  ... everyone must climb more than 300 steps stairs on the other side of the river!  Wow that was really very tough!  I hate aging loool!!!
Anyway... i made it all--- the long walk, the crossing, the climbing and it was a fulfilling challenge !!!

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