Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Family Travel in Tokyo

How is it going?! It's getting warm lately... good for Teddy... he actually hates the cold especially the cold wind!!!
Well, as usual... I am busy catching up with my homeworks... kaya late na naman ang updating ng blog ko!
Well... to start with... umpisa muna ako sa two days one night travel namin sa Tokyo. We went by car to Tokyo last Friday and we stayed there till next day, Saturday. While waiting for Ate Sachan from her Hawaiian travel in Fukushima... papa and I toured tatay and Ted in Hibiya at the area of the Imperial Palace, then we passed to Hibiya Park. We enjoyed the blooming Sakura around!
Scene from Tomei Highway... Mt. Fuji is trully lovely while viewing cherry blossoms all the way↓
Part of the Imperial Palace, the residence of the Emperor and Empress of Japan.
Nijubashi Bridge

The gate of the palace.

Part of the Imperial garden

Sakura Damon Gate↓

Ground area of the Imperial Palace

Scene of Chiyoda town from the Imperial Palace area.

Tatay enjoying the yellow flowers in Hibiya Park, the first western style park in Tokyo!

Sakura at Hibiya Park... great!

Shiopao time! Hinay-hinay lang pooo!

I have picture in this fountain... 20 years ago! Here I am now... posing after those years!

The open-air stage!

Swan reflection

We picked up Ate Sachan in Tokyo Station. Then we checked in to Hotel Nikko in Odaiba.

Inside Tatay and Ted's room.

Papie at our room's veranda next to Tatay and Ted's!

Relaxation time!

After resting... we decided to tour tatay and Ted to Fuji TV Station.

Fuji TV Program Exhibit Hall

Waratte... iitomo!

Omoshiroi pose!

Fuji TV character

We had seafood dinner at Red Lobsters in Aqua City.Yummy!Our main dish... itadakimasu!A visit to Odaiba i-chome shouten machiShooting game! Papie and Ted shot some stuffs for us!

Memories from Showa generationObake da!The Mcdonald statue... odaiba version! Odaiba at night... The statue of Liberty Rainbow bridge at night...... Rainbow bridge at day time.Having buffet breakfast at the hotel. I wonder what he is thinking of?!
Strolling in Odaiba
At the coast...

Rainbrow Bridge from the coast.Hotel Nikko in Odaiba We also toured Tatay and Ted in Tokyo Tower! Who's shoes?!
Look-down window! Lastly... we brought tatay and Ted in Harajuku. Gosh! it's people everywhere! ... it was really crowded!
Back to the hotel for check-out... and from the hotel, we went back home. I was so tired walking around Tokyo so I slept the whole drive to Shizuoka.
We reach Shizuoka at night. We proceeded to Apita to shop for Sachan's new shoes. Fortunately... we found cute pairs that really fits her.

... de wa...

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