Friday, April 11, 2008

Hanami in Ikeda Park

From our travel in Tokyo, Sachan went back with us in Shizuoka City bcoz she was invited to watch the Futaba brass band performance in Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan that was held last Sunday. She attended the event together with her high school friends. After the event, she had dinner with us at home and went back to Niigata City.
On the other hand... while Sachan was not around, tatay, Sarah, Yuta and I attended the Hanami birthday party of Precy's son Kouhei. I just brought a cake as me and Liza's gift to the kid. Teddy did not made it to come coz he's not feeling well that time. The hanami party was held in Ikeda Park, same to the place where it was held last year... and yes... the sakura were in full bloom!
Lovely Sakura flower
Here's mom Precy with her birthday celebrant son Kouhei who turned 8th this year.
There were so many foods and we really enjoyed our lunch especially the tuna fish with coconut milk... Precy's dish of course. Many friends came over too... kumustahan, katuwaan while nagkakainan!
This is only a part of the handaan! Many shared foods came later!

They also had barbeque?!... yakiniku?!

Some friends who joined the party!

At the mid of Hanami picnic... after finishing our lunch... we escaped (with consent!) already and toured Tatay to the parade of Shizuoka Festival.

Details are on the next episode... abangan!

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