Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kid's party!

Party time na naman po! Last Sunday was Yuta's 8th birthday party held at his tita Neri's home! As usual, reunion ng mga barkada na rin. It's a Pinoy style children's party. There were ballons, Pinoy foods, music, games, pictorials and chikahan of course! Mahalagang parte yon ng party!!!
Maika's 8th bday and Maribel's (?) bday were also included to the party! Uncle Jo held an emergency meeting for officers and advicers of Phil NAKAMA regarding the upcoming activities of the group! Surprisingly... I met some old friends and... well some new kababayan friends too!
↓It's a kids party so here's my birthday present ... a popular Pinoy finger foods for kids--- marshmallow and sausages!  ↓Happy 8th bday Yuta!
↓ Here are Yuta's titas and titos... but where are the other kids?... it's chidren's party desho?! Well, actually... the kids were inside the house playing together!The photographers!
Long time no see... Venus!
Pabitin game! NATSUKASHII o(^-^)oKids and moms(?!) loves this game!
Parental guidance... it's Lilia's sexy dance time kids!
Hontoni Gochisosamadeshita!
↓ OMAKE... more...more...more! 'love Rei chan... she recite to me her prayers every night and I am so touch to hear that she always includes me to her prayers. Ohhh! How can I refuse to be your ninang kid! Your my angel too! mhwaaah (^3^)*
Amen... o(^3^)o

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