Thursday, September 18, 2008

OBENTO class

Obento or packed lunch making is also a part of everyday Japanese culture. So... as a foreigner living here in Japan especially those who have children that will go or going to school needs to learn how to make an appealing and adorable Obento. I have learned that preparing obento is not merely a duty performed for a child but also a way for a mother to define herself. Wooo... that 's tough!
Well, yesterday... as part of Philippine NAKAMA group educational activity, we joined the Obento making class of Shimizu International Fureai Group in Shimizu Oka Citizen's Learning Center. That was a great experience for us... not only for the sake of our kids but definitely for our own sake too!
↓The class was divided in 3 groups... so here's my group with Doi sensei and a Chinese and Peru friend!

Precy's group...

Maritess group...

I'm trying to perfect my egg roll!

Our colorful foods for our oBeNtO making! Menu are mashed pumpkin, meatballs, egg rolls, riceballs with some boiled vegetables.

↓My obento!

Incharge of the class, Yoshida sensei with Shizuoka Shinbun Journalist-- who interviewed us. He will feature the event in Shizuoka newspaper today(?)!

Some of the Phil NAKAMA members who joined the event!


It really needs extra time and energy to make an appealing OBENTO! Taste, texture and color balancing are important. It's an art form in Japan!

flash... flash... flash!!!
ps: Liza did not made it to come to this event coz her mother in-law passed-away this morning. So... we would like to extend our heartful condolences to Oniisan Onoda, Liza and their whole families! m(_ _)m


  1. yeheey, i was a participant here!!! see, 1st pic (blink, blink) wish there will other activities like this one, count me in uli ate ha : ) marieclaire

  2. claire check out below page... and'yan pa ang ibang souvenir pix mo!