Monday, February 08, 2010

Fun day with friends!

Yesterday was our group first meeting for this year and since we still never held our Shinenkai or New Year's gathering... we also celebrate it together ... and of course ... the birthdays of Sarah and Cecil too... as in package deal! hahahah! The gathering was held in Japanese meeting room of Aicel 21.

Well... the meeting went fine... there were many suggestions too... and what everyone looking forward is our group bus tour in Universal Studio Japan in Osaka on April 3. Gonna be tough work again especially for the people behind this activity... ganbarimashou Precy! heheh!

Oh well... the whole gathering was really a success! More than 30 members and friends joined this gathering... i just did not notice some of our Japanese members around... hmmm where are they... did anybody contact them? Anyway, thanks a lot to everyone's cooperation and support. That was a great meeting... really! Oh... not to forget Dang's goodies... they are truly good!

After the group gathering... I went with some friends in Jollibee Tropical Restaurant for dinner. Every first Sunday of every month is TABEHOUDAI day in Jolibee... eat-all-you-can day for only Y1000 yen! Seem's like fiesta on that day coz there were lots of yummy Pinoy foods!
After our dinner... NIJIKAI desu heheh... the next gathering!!! Amie invited us to Ryo's part time job bar... the Boozer! Yes that's the old Boozer we used to know here in Shizuoka City... only it was a totally new Boozer... heheheh. They renovated the place into a cozy place... well there's still billard games and darts... and i love the atmosphere. Of course Ryo did a good job too in making us a China Green cocktail drinks. We'll definitely go back there... hopefully with Sachan!

Ohhh... what a day... really i enjoyed everyone's company... see you all again guys!


I'll post some photos later... it seems i exceeded my limits on photo sharing... so i am studying now some alternatives or possibilities on how to get more free storage... or else i will be forced to purchase some storage... grrrrrr!!! heeeelp! LOL!

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