Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Out with the devil, In with the good fortune

It's February 3! Well it's my brod Teddy's birthday today... happy birthday buddy! heheh:)
Oh well... here in's Setsubun day... meaning the first day of spring and they celebrate this day thru beans throwing ceremonies. It is a traditional celebration here in Japan although it's not a national holiday. They throw roasted beans around the houses, temples and shrines while shouting "oni wa sotto, fuku wa uchi"-- meaning out with the devil, in with the good fortune! In another words... it's to bring in good luck and drive the bad spirits out. It is also a custom to eat the same number of beans as your age to bring happiness and health. Well... i did not take the chance this year... imagine... i'll eat more than 40 beans ahhh!!! lol!
Eating fortune sushi rolls-- called Eho maki is also a part of a custom... and here's some pointers on how to eat the fortune rolls, face toward the good fortune direction of the year at first. The good fortune direction is where the fortune god, Tokutoku-shin, stays. The good fortune direction changes every year. This year is facing west-southwest. Then, hold a sushi roll and eat it, making wishes. You shouldn't talk until you are done with eating a whole sushi roll. It's said that good fortune will be gone if you talk.

Oh well... my family did this tradition every year... just lately without Sachan... hoping that blessings really comes to our homes! Good luck to us all!

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