Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Summer Trip in Hawaii


Hisashibuti no family travel desu!!! I think it was almost 20 years ago since we last visited Hawaii.  Thanks to my bff papie for the wonderful summer treat to me and Sachan.  
Waikiki beach
We enjoyed our everyday stay in Honolulu.    We loved the beach, our hotel, shoppings, the different shows we watched, the foods especially the mexican, the stroll around the city including our visit to Waikiki Aquarium and yes ... our new discovery, the awesome Ko Olina Beach Resort in Honolulu and next to it is the Disney Hawaii Resort, Aulani

The Hitachi Tree in Moanalua Gardens... the famous original tree used in TV commercial in Japan by Hitachi since 1973

名前も知らない気になるでしょう♪ v(*'-^*)~☆

Ko Olina Beach Resort

Japanese Obento lunch in Aulani Disney Resort

Afternoon rainbow... so lovely <3 br="">
after watching and dining at the Legends in Concert Waikiki ...

papie and sachie 

our room's veranda at hyatt regency hotel  

  It was a peaceful and satisfying trip ... thank u... arigatou ... salamat po ... mahalo ...bow m(_ _)m  

 ... until then... goodbye... aloha♪

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