Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Get-away Trips

Hello there... i feel like blogging again... it's been a long time i never updated this photo blog of mine ... how i wish i can find time to continue posting some of my activities here again.
I actually started to renew the template of this blog and i still need to do something about some other changes coz many of my old photos and displays here are missing and disconnected already  ... however,  i still have problem with my time and maybe i need more efforts and determinations to continue this ... so, maybe if i am fully back to reality... meaning the old me lol ... i can make an effort to post more in the future.

Oh well... September is hereeee ... meaning autumn is almost around the corner !   There were many 3 weekend holidays  and i enjoyed them thru travelling and driving ...  ;-)

HAKONE with my bff--- Liza and papa

Hakone Tenseien ... nice Ryoukan
with excellent rooftop onsen, lovely gardens, falls and ponds 


Mt. Fuji in September ... photo taken from Tomei Fuji 

 -ODAIBA with Papa and Sachan-

 I think Odaiba is the next fav place of my family in Tokyo next to Disney Resort :P
This is one of the popular shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo.  
 The Liberty Statue from France, the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower at the back.  If i need to fan my camera on my right ... we can see the new highest tower in Tokyo, the Sky Tree. 
 Papa's fav restaurant

We stayed in Grand Pacific Le Daiba again 
Shopping time ...wooohooo ;-) 

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba

ouch! ouch! ouch!

Tokyo Trick Art Museum 

Takoyaki character <3 nbsp="">

Early Showa generation

Ramen Town in Odaiba

Tomei Expressway from Fuji 

By the way ... to everyone sending their comments... thanks a lot to all your inspiring words and suggestions... i enjoyed reading them ... sorry if i don't usually post all your comments here but i make effort to reply to them nway and i am keeping them all safe in my magic inbox here... heheh <3 nbsp="" p="">

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